Rudy Giuliani

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Rudy Giuliani’s erratic behavior, continued

The former New York City mayor continues to make head-scratching headlines.

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How Rudolph Giuliani became New York City’s mayor

He saw a city desperate for change and exploited its fears.

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Giuliani’s most dubious connections

The globetrotting ex-mayor has a history of surrounding himself with shady fools.

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Giuliani becomes more ensconced in impeachment inquiry

NYC’s former mayor may soon face another subpoena request tied to the White House.

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Rudy Giuliani’s previous meltdowns

From ranting about ferrets to threatening to evict the Brooklyn Museum, the former New York City mayor has always been unpredictable.

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New York’s wildest animal laws

If you live in New York City, you can’t own a ferret – and you certainly can’t give it a nose ring. Here are the wildest animal-related laws on the books in New York.

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The New Yorker from Vermont

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is the personal and ideological epitome of the most New York kind of New Yorker, an identity that previously was absent from the ranks of serious presidential contenders, writes City & State’s Ben Adler.

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No City Council power grab in NYC charter revision commission

Fears that the City Council Charter Revision Commission would produce a power grab for the Council seem overblown now that it has released a preliminary staff report that suggests a more modest approach.

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Fusion voting supporters should study its history

The history of fusion voting in New York is flawed, biased toward conservatives, and has stymied more good government than supported it, according to Tom Watson.

Hakeem Jeffries

The most unlikely allies in New York politics

Hakeem Jeffries and the Koch brothers. E.J. McMahon and Julia Salazar. John Flanagan and Carl Heastie. These are just a few of the strange bedfellows Albany has made.

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New York State

The West Wingnuts

Embarrassingly incompetent New Yorkers are dominating the national political debate.

Rudy Giuliani

Was Rudy Giuliani ever a good lawyer?

Political and legal analysts have been baffled by Giuliani’s performance since taking on President Donald Trump as a client, often making statements that would seem to harm Trump’s case in court – or, at least, in the court of public opinion.

Thomas Croci

GOP state senators exit, Silver retrial begins and not-so-secret ‘agents of the city’

GOP state senators exit, Silver retrial begins and not-so-secret ‘agents of the city,' it's your roundup of the week’s political news.