Scott Stringer

Scott Stringer

Former Stringer staffers describe his demanding temperament

Two of them call it “Post-Traumatic Stringer Disorder.” Others say he’s no worse than a typical politician.

New York City

How some Cuomo critics are handling the Stringer allegations

Nearly two dozen state lawmakers have endorsed the accused mayoral hopeful and called on the governor to resign.

Scott Stringer

Accusation of sexual harassment against Stringer throws mayoral left lane into disarray

Jean Kim, a lobbyist and former volunteer on Stringer’s unsuccessful 2001 campaign for New York City public advocate, alleged that he subjected her to sexual harassment and abuse.

New York City

Stringer, Levine co-endorse for mayor and Manhattan BP

Stringer works to consolidate support on Manhattan’s West Side.

New York City

What does the NYC comptroller do?

Oversight, oversight and more oversight.


How mayoral candidates might use their stimulus checks

$1,400 isn’t much compared to New York City’s public matching funds, but it’s a lot more fun to spend.

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Campaigns & Elections

Winners and Losers of the January filing

A look at the latest fundraising numbers for 2021 NYC elections.

Corey Johnson

How Johnson’s exit boosts Stringer in 2021

The council speaker dropped his bid for NYC mayor.

Scott Stringer

Even in 2020, Stringer holds onto his multi-racial coalition

The NYC Comptroller’s mayoral campaign announcement featured a diverse group of endorsers.

New York City

Scott Stringer’s roadmap to a balanced budget

Comptroller said the city is avoiding cuts ‘out of laziness’ and borrowing is a last resort.

New York City

Developers won’t like Scott Stringer’s new housing plan

The New York City comptroller wants to require affordable units in all new developments and eliminate 421a.

Campaigns & Elections

Diaz Jr. fundraising falters among 2021 NYC mayoral field

The latest fundraising numbers are in for New York City candidates.

New York State

Progressive Democrats defend the ‘Long Island Six’ from IDC comparison

State senators disagree with new attack ad from left-wing advocacy group.