Simcha Felder

Frank Seddio

Frank Seddio, the devil’s advocate

Kings County Democratic chairman Frank Seddio is known for defending the indefensible.


A veteran lobbyist’s take on the new state legislative landscape

Sid Davidoff got his start under former New York City Mayor John Lindsay, and brings a historical perspective that many of us could only dream of. City & State caught up with Davidoff to get the long view on the idiosyncrasies of the upcoming state legislative session.


5 bills that could come back from the dead

These issues could return with a vengeance in the 2019 session.


No IDC NY calls on Stewart-Cousins to strip Democratic defectors of seniority

No IDC NY calls on Andrea Stewart-Cousins to strip seniority from Diane Savino, David Carlucci and Simcha Felder.

New York State

A blue “wavelet” in New York’s state Senate?

New forecast shows Democrats only slightly more likely to take state Senate.

Bill Lipton

The WFP is still challenging Democrats in eight legislative races

The Working Families Party have endorsed candidates who are competing against Democrats, though most are not campaigning.

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Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo’s winning ticket, ex-IDC losses and the Salazar saga continues

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s winning ticket, ex-IDC members primary losses and the Julia Salazar saga continues.

Campaigns & Elections

IDC and other New York legislative 2018 primary results

Tracking the former Independent Democratic Conference members – and other key New York Senate and Assembly primaries.

New York City

Key statewide and state legislative primary races to watch

Cuomo-Nixon, Hochul-Williams, the AG free-for-all and the ex-IDC challenges are all key storylines this election Thursday.

New York City

Simcha Felder’s outsized impact on education

From yeshiva oversight to speed cameras outside schools, Simcha Felder is driving the debate.

New York State

Senate incumbents face the consequences of the teacher evaluations fight

State Senate incumbents face the consequences of the teacher evaluations fight as New York's teachers union is targeting the lawmakers who failed them during session.

New York State

Battleground: New York

New York is the epicenter of the struggle for the soul of the Democratic Party.


New York’s assault on educational equity

Exempting yeshivas from educational requirements violates the First Amendment.