Staten Island

Staten Island

A new generation of leadership on Staten Island’s North Shore

Council Member Debi Rose was the borough’s first Black lawmaker, and she opened the door to a growing, diverse seat of political power.

New York City

Staten Island keeps thinking of seceding

But here’s why it’s unlikely that’ll ever happen.

New York City

Staten Island is seeing a spike in thyroid cancer

State health officials say just don’t screen for it, that’ll solve the problem.

New York City

A spotlight on Staten Island

Staten Island is having a moment – culturally, economically and politically.

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Max Rose versus the world

With Donald Trump back on the ballot, Max Rose will have to win over conservatives to keep his House seat.

Max Rose

Tuesday’s lesson for congressional candidates: Run local. Run moderate.

Democratic congressional winners Max Rose, Anthony Brindisi and Antonio Delgado reap the rewards of campaigning as centrists in Trump country.

Max Rose

Max Rose’s 'Staten Island first' strategy

Democrat Max Rose has distanced himself from his party and focused on local issues.

Staten Island

New Staten Island Amazon facility could exacerbate truck traffic

NYC’s freight plan aims to reduce congestion, but the state is subsidizing an Amazon fulfillment center that could exacerbate truck traffic.

New York City

New York City is alive and well

The July cover of Harper’s mistakes the southern half of Manhattan for all of New York City.

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New York City

Donovan easily beats Grimm in GOP primary

Incumbent Rep. Dan Donovan held off former Rep. and convicted felon Michael Grimm in NY11's Republican primary.

Dan Donovan

Nastiness continues in the latest Grimm and Donovan debate

Michael Grimm and Dan Donovan once again traded barbs in their latest debate, but will it matter?


Six flags of New York

New York City's six borough flags.

Staten Island

A status update on Staten Island’s biggest projects and toughest challenges

Staten Island’s biggest projects and toughest challenges

Staten Island

Jimmy Oddo’s midlife crisis

Jimmy Oddo's midlife crisis. Why the Staten Island borough president wanted to throw in the towel - and what the beard had to do with it.