'Doing nothing is not an option'

ABNY hosts a panel to debate the merits of congestion pricing.


Latest value capture proposal could harm NYC

City taxes should not be diverted to the MTA without local input.


The MTA is leaving disabled New Yorkers behind

Subway station renovations in New York City should include accessibility for the disabled.


The subways are a mess. Can congestion pricing help?

New York City Transit President Andy Byford, New York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg and Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez give take on the congestion pricing proposal and its chances of passage this year.


Can the state implement congestion pricing without NYC’s approval?

It appears as if the congestion pricing process will be far different than it was in 2008, as it is being driven by the governor rather than the New York City mayor - and the state has the right to decide what happens on the city’s streets.


How value capture can save New York City’s subways

Value capture, in which the public sector recovers some of the value created by government actions like the construction of a transit line or a rezoning, has recently joined congestion pricing among the most discussed potential funding streams for New York City’s troubled subway system. And it can work.

New York City

Transit problems threaten New York’s economic future

Amazon and other tech companies want a subway system that runs on time.

Andrew Cuomo

The governor's MTA

A series on who runs the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

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