Thomas DiNapoli

New York City

Private contractors require better government oversight

Essential government functions have been outsourced to private entities, with government agencies often failing to ensure the work was done properly, so safeguards are needed, write former New York City Department of Investigation Commissioner Mark Peters and former First Deputy Commissioner Lesley Brovner.

Thomas DiNapoli

Is DiNapoli doing enough to target MTA labor costs?

Budget watchdogs say New York Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli should more closely examine subway spending.

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo’s never-ending civil war

City & State put together a comprehensive list of all of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s frenemies over the years.


Cuomo’s about-face on contracting oversight only goes so far

Gov. Andrew Cuomo omitted several proposed reforms and proposed a vaguely defined database of deals.

Energy & Environment

Albany’s environmental agenda

Albany's environmental agenda in 2019 will focus on water quality, offshore drilling and plastic bags.


The MTA is using fare evasion as an excuse for its failures

If the subways don't improve, the talk won’t be about evading fares. It will be about people evading New York City altogether.

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New York State

The 2018 election in New York, by the numbers

Shifts in power, landslide victories, high turnout and high spending.

Carl Heastie

State lawmakers expecting first pay bump in two decades

With a new commission set to meet, lawmakers expect a pay increase - but some say limits on outside income will be a likely condition.

Andrew Cuomo

New York’s 2018 statewide general election results

The Democratic favorites won the races for governor, attorney general, comptroller and U.S. Senate.

Ed Cox

A Q&A with Jonathan Trichter, the other Democrat for comptroller

An interview with Jonathan Trichter, the Democrat running as a Republican for state comptroller

New York State

Former state pension fund manager takes fossil fuel post

Vicki Fuller, the former CIO of the state’s pension fund now works for a company the fund invested in.


Brooklyn Tech Triangle sees continued growth

With record-high employment numbers, Brooklyn has become a tech haven.