Todd Kaminsky

Andrew Cuomo

Why Cuomo is so furious at Long Island Senate Dems

Gov. Andrew Cuomo feels Long Island state Senate Democrats said nothing on behalf of the Amazon deal until it was too late.

Energy & Environment

Albany’s environmental agenda

Albany's environmental agenda in 2019 will focus on water quality, offshore drilling and plastic bags.


How New York is fighting political influence campaigns

Cybersecurity experts on how bad actors on social media can be stopped.

Steve Englebright

Could New York go carbon free by 2050?

The Climate and Community Protection Act could transform New York’s energy market.

Todd Kaminsky

How Democrats finally did it on Long Island

The region’s large Republican state Senate delegation is no more. Here’s why.

New York State

State Senate general election results 2018

Democrats have won enough seats to secure single-party rule in New York.

Todd Kaminsky

Kaminsky: It's not OK Skelos did it for his son

City & State talked to Kaminsky just before the verdict came down about what his district thinks of Skelos, what he’s going to do with all his money, and why he likes Letitia James – even though he won’t endorse her for attorney general yet.

Long Island

Will the blue wave obliterate the Long Island Nine?

If the Democrats want to retake the state Senate, they may need to undo decades of GOP control on the island.

Todd Kaminsky

The Long Island Nine

Long Island has nine seats in the state Senate, often unimaginatively referred to as the “Long Island Nine.” They constitute a powerful voting bloc in the chamber

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Todd Kaminsky

Could sports betting fund clean water investments?

If betting on sports comes to New York in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, it could bring in an influx of new state tax revenue – and at least one state lawmaker would want it to be used on cleaning up the environment.

Andrew Cuomo

Long Island Republicans might support Cuomo’s offshore drilling ban

Protecting the oceans is popular in the region that may determine the future of the state Senate