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Alison Argueta Raudales

New York City


Making history as the ‘right person at the right time’

A Q&A with Charles Gibbs, the incoming president of the Metropolitan College of New York.



4 borough presidents want an expansion of Fair Fares

In a letter to Mayor Eric Adams, the officials called for more people to be eligible, including full-time minimum wage workers.



Here are some of the proposed laws resulting from spring campus protests

Lawmakers have taken various approaches to reining in demonstrations. Few have passed.

Interviews & Profiles


New York City’s plan to invest millions in LGBTQ+ services

During Pride Month, Chief Equity Officer Sideya Sherman talked about NYC Unity Project, the Family Acceptance Program and budget challenges facing HIV services.



Here’s how to vote in New York’s action-packed primaries

Election Day is June 25, but New Yorkers have nine days of early voting to participate before then.

Albany Agenda


The laws and bills impacting trans New Yorkers

Protections – and restrictions – continue to be considered at the city and state level.

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