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Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond: Women Awards 2023/ Rita Thompson

City & State’s lists feature hundreds of notable New Yorkers each year, including government officials as well as movers and shakers who regularly interact with state and local government and are engaged in the political process.

HONORS: Awards lists include the 40 Under 40: Rising Stars, 50 Over 50: The Age Disruptors and the inaugural 40 in their 40s, as well as the exclusive Responsible 100 list that closes out the year. Additionally, the prestigious Above & Beyond awards profile outstanding women, innovators and – for the first time this year – members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

POWER LISTS: In addition to the premier New York City Power 100 and Albany Power 100, City & State’s ranked power lists cover various geographic areas as well as various professions, industries and sectors. The ranked Power of Diversity series spotlights exceptional women and outstanding Black, Latino and Asian New Yorkers.

TRAILBLAZERS: The new Trailblazers lists cover many of the same industry categories as the Power 100s, typically alternating every other year with a Power 100 of the same topic. These unranked lists provide more space for honorees who have not been on a Power 100, including deputy-level officials and others who lead up-and-coming organizations that merit recognition. 

WHO’S WHO: The recently launched Who’s Who series introduces the New Yorkers you need to know within specific job types and sectors. So far, this submission-based feature has covered Government Relations and Budgeting & Finance, with an upcoming Who’s Who in Sports Betting and a Who’s Who in Communications in 2024. 

Do you know somebody who should be on one (or more) of these upcoming lists? Let us know! 

Transportation Power 100
Nomination deadline: May 31, 2024
Publication date: July 22, 2024
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Labor Power 100
Nomination deadline: June 14, 2024
Publication date: Aug. 26, 2024
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Above & Beyond: Innovators
Nomination deadline: June 21, 2024
Publication date: Aug. 12, 2024
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Manhattan Power 100
Nomination deadline: June 30, 2024
Publication date: Aug. 19, 2024
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Hudson Valley Power 100
Nomination deadline: July 19, 2024
Publication date: Sept. 9, 2024
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Power of Diversity: Latino 100
Nomination deadline: July 28, 2024
Publication date: Sept. 16, 2024
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Trailblazers in Real Estate
Nomination deadline: Aug. 2, 2024
Publication date: Sept. 23, 2024
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New York 40 Under 40
Nomination deadline: Aug. 9, 2024
Publication date: Oct. 21, 2024
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Upstate Power 100
Nomination deadline: Aug. 16, 2024
Publication date: Oct. 7, 2024
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Long Island Power 100
Nomination deadline: Sept. 6, 2024
Publication date: Oct. 28, 2024
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Who's Who in Communications
Nomination deadline: Sept. 13, 2024
Publication date: Nov. 4, 2024
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The Responsible 100
Nomination deadline: Sept. 20, 2024
Publication date: Dec. 16, 2024
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Power of Diversity: Women 100
Nomination deadline: Sept. 27, 2024
Publication date: Nov. 18, 2024
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Trailblazers in Economic Development
Nomination deadline: Oct. 18, 2024
Publication date: Dec. 9, 2024
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Staten Island Power 100
Nomination deadline: Nov. 1, 2024
Publication date: Dec. 23, 2024
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