Interviews & Profiles

Interviews & Profiles

How federal funds are driving state investments in broadband

A Q&A with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Jodia Vanel.

Interviews & Profiles

Tracking who’s still lacking internet across New York

A Q&A with Maria Doulis, state deputy comptroller for budget and policy analysis.

Interviews & Profiles

Internet access should be seen as a human right

A Q&A with state Sen. Kristen Gonzalez, chair of the Internet and Technology Committee.

Interviews & Profiles

Regulating the internet as a public utility

A Q&A with state Sen. Sean Ryan, chair of the Commerce, Economic Development, and Small Business Committee.

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A Q&A with David Bronston

Special Counsel and Telecommunications Industry Team Leader, Phillips Lytle LLP


How Murad Awawdeh has helped New York City asylum-seekers through the crisis

The New York Immigration Coalition leader talked about what the city, state and federal governments can do differently to best serve the immigrant population.

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Sherif Soliman discusses the mayor’s Albany wish list

A Q&A with Eric Adams’ chief policy and delivery officer on housing progress and more.


Rana Abdelhamid fosters self-defense instruction among MENA women

Plus, the former congressional candidate would be open to running for office again.

Interviews & Profiles

Grace Lee on key takeaways from the Somos of the Midwest

The Manhattan Assembly member talked about what Albany legislators learned from Democratic lawmakers in other states.

2024 New York congressional battleground

Mike Lawler doesn’t plan to shut up

The first-term member of Congress in the 17th Congressional District is one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the country, but he’s pulled off impressive victories before.

Interviews & Profiles

Kirsten Gillibrand wants to know the truth about aliens

The U.S. senator also talked about the Equal Rights Amendment as a way to generate Democratic turnout in 2024.