Interviews & Profiles

Interviews & Profiles

Tiffany Cabán raises alarm bells at Rikers Island

During an unscheduled visit alongside Council Member Sandy Nurse, Cabán said she witnessed concerning conditions during a heat wave.


Kevin Parker is feeling confident about his reelection chances

A Q&A with the state senator on public renewable energy, cybersecurity and taking on the DSA.


Chi Ossé, New York City’s youngest council member, is figuring it out as he goes

From speed bumps to the Met Gala, the 24-year-old is determined to make good on his promises.

Interviews & Profiles

Sarahana Shrestha on bringing DSA upstate

The socialist defeated incumbent Assembly Member Kevin Cahill in Tuesday’s primary.

Interviews & Profiles

Juan Ardila: ‘When the left organizes, we win’

One of the two leftists to win an Assembly primary, Ardila talked election strategy, housing policy and reaching across the ideological spectrum.

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Q&A: Bertha Lewis advises candidates to hire more organizers and fewer pricey consultants

A new report from The Black Institute and the Black Leadership Action Coalition looks at all aspects of the 2021 elections, including ranked-choice voting.

Interviews & Profiles

Eric Adams wants NYC to be a 'city of yes.' Dan Garodnick has to figure that out.

The City Planning Commission chair talked with City & State about One45 in Harlem, NIMBYism and member deference.

Interviews & Profiles

A Q&A with New York City Council LGBTQ Caucus Co-Chairs Tiffany Cabán and Crystal Hudson

The two council members talk about why the group’s diversity is a strength, and what they want to see from the Adams administration.

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Interviews & Profiles

Monique Chandler-Waterman talks Albany priorities and her next election

The winner of the 58th Assembly District special election is set to be sworn in next week, but she’ll have to win next month’s primary if she wants to keep serving in 2023.

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Peoples-Stokes: I’m disappointed in how America allows racism to continue

The Assembly majority leader discusses the aftermath of the Buffalo mass shooting and impact on her community.

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Melinda Katz says she’s ignoring the political winds

A Q&A with the Queens district attorney who had Gov. Kathy Hochul's ear on bail reform.

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Former NYC jails boss advocates for federal takeover of Rikers Island

Vincent Schiraldi: “If my son or daughter were incarcerated or worked at Rikers Island, I'd want a receivership.”

Interviews & Profiles

Serving as NYC’s doctor while meeting Eric Adams’ expectations

Ashwin Vasan walks a fine line between sound public health policy and “getting stuff done.”

Interviews & Profiles

Creating broadband access for NYCHA residents that’s essentially free

Internet service for public housing residents would be covered in part by a federal subsidy.

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Q&A: The Black Car Fund’s push to secure benefits for drivers

The nonprofit wants legislation renewed that added dental exams, cleanings and vision coverage for its members.