Opinion: Let upstate cities choose overdose prevention centers

When facing an overdose crisis of this magnitude, municipalities should have every option on the table.

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Editor’s Note: Don’t let migrant protests taint New York’s reputation

The violence that erupted at a Staten Island rally against asylum-seekers moving into a local shelter was a warning.


Opinion: The City Council must strengthen police transparency laws

The NYPD is exploiting loopholes in the Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology Act to shield its new spying tools from oversight.


Commentary: Migrants are breaking Democratic Party unity

Politicians are passing the buck on New York City’s influx of asylum-seekers, which is harming the outlook for Democrats in 2023 and 2024.

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Satire: Hiding Rudy Giuliani, ‘Tell them you have a ferret, a large ferret’

The new owners of the former mayor’s Manhattan apartment find him indicted, broke and living out of a “safe room” no one noticed after they bought the place.


Opinion: The case for fixing probation and parole

Research shows that the supposed benefits of probation and parole are illusory, but their harms are very real.

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Editor’s note: Penn Station redevelopment plan deserves an RFP

A competitive selection process may be the best way to reimagine the nation’s busiest transit hub.


Commentary: Chris Quinn for Mayor?

The former City Council speaker has spent nearly a decade running a homeless services nonprofit. She could be a strong contender in 2025 – if only she would challenge Adams.


Opinion: New York City must reckon with its treatment of Muslims after 9/11

A new exhibit at MoMA PS1 highlights the discrimination faced by Muslim immigrants in New York City and the community’s resilience.

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Editor’s note: A much-needed hug on 9/11 that I’ll never forget

I don’t often talk about that day, but a recent phone call reminded me how New Yorkers showed up for one another.

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Commentary: Apocalyptic Eric

Why does the mayor of New York City insist that New York City is doomed?

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Editor’s Note: Name-calling over the asylum-seeker crisis is the real ‘buffoonery’

This is no time for New York City Mayor Eric Adams and his former mayoral challenger Curtis Sliwa to get personal over the influx of migrants.


Opinion: Here’s how we ‘saved the Hudson’

The successful effort to ban nuclear waste discharges from Indian Point holds lessons – and warnings – for the entire state.

Commentary: Siena poll paints warning signs for Democrats in New York state

Voter concerns over issues like migration are having their impact on the party.


Editor’s Note: A longer-term permit renewal might get James Dolan to contribute to Penn Station’s redevelopment

Incentives may get the Madison Square Garden owner to do his part for the redevelopment of the nation’s busiest transit hub.


Opinion: The right to shelter makes New York stronger

Undermining the right to shelter in order to avoid housing asylum-seekers would be a betrayal of our city’s values and leave us all worse off.


Commentary: The newspaper war that will shape the 2025 mayoral election

The New York Times and New York Post are the last two newspapers in the city with the power to move votes. Their coverage of Eric Adams could make all the difference.