Small Business

Bill pending Cuomo’s signature requires mandated savings plans for small-business employees

Employers with at least 10 workers would be required to offer the Secure Choice Program if the measure is signed into law.


How a deal for gig workers fell apart

There was a tentative agreement to give them the right to organize, but a flawed negotiation process created backlash.


Unemployed New Yorkers still can’t get through to the Department of Labor

The problem persists despite $193 million in contracts to address it.

New York State

Savino to introduce bill allowing gig workers to unionize

While some lawmakers approve of the compromise legislation, there’s not much time left in the session to pass it.


When union endorsements matter, and when they don’t

In 2021, the smaller the race, the bigger the bounce from organized labor’s backing.

New York State

Wage theft a top issue in final legislative stretch

Construction groups say they want key changes to bill supported by Democratic lawmakers and organized labor.

New York State

The messy, last-minute changes to the ‘excluded workers’ fund

Charged state budget talks about aid for undocumented immigrants has revealed fractures among Democratic lawmakers.


NYC’s labor contracts set to expire amid fiscal crisis

The next round of bargaining will be pivotal to the city’s financial recovery.


Labor hasn’t found its NYC mayoral candidate yet

If unions coalesce around a candidate, they could resume their traditional role as kingmakers.


Advocates worry about barriers to excluded workers fund

Pay stubs and bank statements could prevent undocumented workers from receiving retroactive pandemic relief.

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Hunger strike draws attention to workers excluded from COVID-19 relief

Hundreds of thousands have gone without unemployment benefits. Pressure is on the Legislature as the state budget deadline looms.


Amid building boom, Amazon faces complaints from warehouse workers

The company is still expanding in New York, but some employees have complained about pandemic working conditions.


Teamsters declare victory in Hunts Point strike

The produce workers who kept New York City fed during the pandemic finally see the fruits of their labor.


A who’s who of the elected officials at the Hunts Point strike

The strike at the Hunts Point Produce Market in the South Bronx brought out a lot of political star power.


After Prop 22, New York is still split on gig worker reforms

New York lawmakers will pursue alternative measures to grant gig workers more employment benefits, even as some push for reclassifying them as employees.


New furloughs empower New York City unions

Municipal unions have an edge in protecting their own against city budget cuts.