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Amazon Labor Union loses election at a smaller Staten Island warehouse

Workers at the LDJ5 facility rejected joining the union after it led the first successful effort to unionize an Amazon warehouse last month.

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Chris Smalls wants to see the Amazon Labor Union go national

The founder of the history-making union discusses the advantages of grassroots organizing and upcoming fights with the behemoth company.

New York State

New York’s new unionization movement

Starbucks, newsrooms and farms are some of the places where organizing is beginning to take hold.

Ask the Experts

Is this the year for gig workers in Albany?

We asked experts whether state lawmakers could expand the rights of ride-hailing and delivery drivers after falling short last year.


Staten Island Amazon workers to cast union vote in March

The company has resumed its controversial ‘captive audience’ meetings and what workers described as ‘anti-union behavior.’


Tension builds within the UFT over reducing class sizes

A new coalition within the union dubbed United for Change won a vote to force a referendum on the issue, signaling a growing divide.

New York City

Activist lawmakers share in taxi drivers’ victory

Assembly Members Zohran Mamdani and Yuh-Line Niou broke a 15-day fast this week after the city reached a deal with one of the largest taxi medallion lenders.

New York City

Taxi drivers’ hunger strike hits its seventh day

A group of protesters hope the action will force a new plan from City Hall to help them pay off what they owe on medallion loans.


Amazon workers file for a union election in New York

An independent movement born out of the online retailer’s Staten Island warehouses took a first step in its bid to organize on Monday.


15 state lawmakers request more money for Excluded Workers Fund

The pandemic aid for undocumented workers has run out faster than expected.

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The worker shortages plaguing the public sector

There are a variety of reasons New York is struggling to maintain essential services.


What will it take for Amazon workers to unionize?

The e-commerce behemoth is a formidable opponent to labor organizers, even in a union town like New York City.

Power List

The 2021 New York City Labor Power 100

The union leaders and labor advocates defending the city’s workers.

Small Business

Bill pending Cuomo’s signature requires mandated savings plans for small-business employees

Employers with at least 10 workers would be required to offer the Secure Choice Program if the measure is signed into law.


How a deal for gig workers fell apart

There was a tentative agreement to give them the right to organize, but a flawed negotiation process created backlash.