Can Adams’ citywide affordable housing plan finally tear down the NIMBY wall?

When deeply affordable housing is proposed for neighborhoods other than the poorest, locals shout it down. Is the city ready to plow over the outrage?

New York City Council members blame Department of Education for budget mismanagement after cutting funding

New York City Council members said the Department of Education failed to anticipate cuts in line with declining enrollment, leaving principals “surprised” by dwindling budgets.

gun control

Supreme Court strikes down New York’s concealed carry law

The court ruled in favor of two upstate men who argued the state’s restrictions on who can carry a gun outside their home infringed upon their Second Amendment rights.


Why are rent stabilized tenants getting rent hikes?

New York City has a housing affordability crisis. So why are 2 million rent stabilized tenants getting a rent increase?

Criminal justice

Eric Adams claims progress at Rikers despite several recent detainee deaths

Attorneys for one of the men who died called the mayor’s announcement “irresponsible and callous.”


Was the NYPD budget increased this year? Yes – but it’s complicated.

New York City plans to spend $5.53 billion on police this year. Here’s what’s changed.

affordable housing

Adams offers comprehensive affordable housing plan

The New York City mayor’s approach includes solutions for homelessness, promotes home ownership and improves support for NYCHA, but is short on metrics and numerical goals.

New York City

Federal takeover of Rikers Island is off the table, for now, judge says

Southern District Judge Laura Taylor Swain approved the city’s plan to reform Rikers in an order filed Tuesday.


Adrienne Adams’ City Council passes its first budget

The $101.1 billion spending plan was approved late at night, with some opposition – and possible retribution.

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New York City

New York City’s FY 2023 budget by the numbers

Council Speaker Adrienne Adams and Mayor Eric Adams announced the early deal on Friday.

gun control

Eric Adams’ fears that SCOTUS ruling could permit guns on subways is a ‘worst-case scenario’

The court has indicated it is likely to overturn the state’s restrictive permitting requirements for concealed guns, except in “sensitive” public places.

New York State

Here’s some of the major legislation New York passed in the end of the legislative session

After addressing abortion, cryptocurrency and guns, members of the state Senate and Assembly now must shift gears to prepare for elections.

gun control

Hochul signs gun laws at the start of a tough election cycle for Democrats

Officials from across the state attended the bill signing that served as much as a rallying cry as an earnest attempt to prevent future shootings.


After passage of bitcoin mining moratorium, advocates push Hochul for action

The moratorium bill was revived to pass early Friday morning, despite aggressive lobbying by the crypto industry.