New York leaders tout progress for LGBTQ rights

Emma Wolfe, a deputy mayor of New York City, cautions that recovery to the status quo from COVID-19 will not be enough.


How a deal for gig workers fell apart

There was a tentative agreement to give them the right to organize, but a flawed negotiation process created backlash.

Energy & Environment

Inside the chemical lobby’s unusual campaign to protect the fire retardant business

Lobbyists planted stories in local media outlets with quotes from a tenant organizer who never spoke to them.

New York City

How NYC can protect residents from extreme heat

Air conditioning is a lifeline, and it’s expensive. There are policies that can help.

Energy & Environment

Climate bill would tax carbon in New York

New legislation aims to raise billions of dollars to fund a “just transition” away from fossil fuels.

New York State

Gas plant in Newburgh tests limits of NY’s landmark climate law

Can the state meet its ambitious green energy goals if it permits an increased burning of fracked gas?


Should cops have to live in NYC?

It could improve community relations, but unions object and even some reform advocates are unenthused.


Why New York City hasn’t gotten police overtime under control

The NYPD has blown past its nominal cap for years without consequence.

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In pot deal with Cuomo, the Legislature has the power

Between Democratic supermajorities and mounting crises, the governor seems to have caved on some major sticking points on legal weed.

Health Care

Did New York let doctors get away with sexual misconduct?

Internal whistleblowers say a branch of the state Department of Health was reluctant to penalize accused physicians.


Can the MTA get back on track without derailing New York’s recovery?

NY’s recovery depends on trimming MTA’s operating budget while maintaining efficient service.

Energy & Environment

Climate activists celebrate Brooklyn wind turbine plant

Debate remains over whether it could coexist with Industry City rezoning.

New York State

With federal elections undecided, state aid hangs in balance

GOP-led Senate would likely mean less COVID-19 relief funding.

Criminal justice

Incarcerated New Yorkers may lose out on stimulus checks

Prisoners have just a week left to claim their stimulus checks. But many say they have not been provided with the paperwork.