The Eric Adams after-party

What do you do when you’ve basically won the race for New York City mayor, but inauguration is six months away? Get your ear pierced at Claire’s.

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Rep. Carolyn Maloney wants more paid leave for federal employees

The Congress member’s Comprehensive Paid Leave for Federal Employees Act would impact 2.7 million workers.

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Liz Krueger, the reformer

The longtime state senator talks JCOPE reform and fixing the New York City Board of Elections.

Small Business

Bill pending Cuomo’s signature requires mandated savings plans for small-business employees

Employers with at least 10 workers would be required to offer the Secure Choice Program if the measure is signed into law.

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India Walton on her history-making campaign

Four-term Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown appeared to be a lock for reelection, but he made the crucial strategic error of ignoring a viable primary challenger before it was too late.

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Judicial nominee stands out on many fronts

City & State spoke with reform advocate Christopher Kang about New York public defender Eunice Lee, who among other things, would be the only Black woman on the Second Circuit if confirmed.

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Why Lindsey Boylan spoke up

She calls coming forward the “most terrible” experience of her life, but has she finally brought change to Albany?

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A Q&A with New York City Chief Democracy Officer Laura Wood

She’s getting New Yorkers up to speed on ranked-choice voting.

Ron Kim

Ron Kim is more than a Cuomo antagonist

The Assembly member defied Gov. Andrew Cuomo over COVID-19 nursing home deaths, but he won’t be bullied by the governor.

Zellnor Myrie

Zellnor Myrie wants to give NY a clean slate

The state Senator spoke to City & State about why he’s pushing to automatically seal and expunge the records of formerly incarcerated individuals.

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Christine Quinn’s on the other side of the table now

The former candidate weighs in on homeless policies in the New York City mayoral race.

New York City

Barbara Bowen still wants more for CUNY

A Q&A with the outgoing Professional Staff Congress-CUNY president.

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How can NYC build back faster?

New York City Department of Design and Construction Commissioner Jamie Torres-Springer talks COVID-19 capital project delivery, East Side Coastal Resiliency and borough-based jails.

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Restoring service and avoiding another Summer of Hell

A Q&A with Tri-State Transportation Campaign Executive Director Renae Reynolds.

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Tackling the MTA’s accessibility problems

The largest public transit system in the nation believes Quemuel Arroyo can bring about much-needed improvements, but some advocates fear it will be business as usual.

Julie Menin

NYC’s former census czar on the narrow loss of a House seat

Julie Menin shared her frustrations with the state’s census efforts.

Eric Adams

Understanding Eric Adams

The Brooklyn borough president discusses some of the biggest controversies during his political tenure and why he’s not actually as shocking as some may think.