New York lawmakers who used to be in unions

From the union hall to the halls of power: legislators previously worked as union nurses, educators and bartenders.

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Sam Berger’s victory could hold lessons for Democrats in other purple districts

The Assembly candidate in Queens said: “Everything we had been looking at said that it was going to be a very tight race.”

Eric Adams

Eric Adams hand hearts, an unnecessary deep dive

The New York City mayor unveiled a new photo pose this summer, and he can’t stop spreading peace and love.

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Luis Miranda Jr.: Elected officials need to improve outreach to Latino voters

The veteran political consultant reviewed the results of his own poll of Latino New Yorkers and urged for better communication from politicians.

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How federal funds are driving state investments in broadband

A Q&A with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s Jodia Vanel.

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Tracking who’s still lacking internet across New York

A Q&A with Maria Doulis, state deputy comptroller for budget and policy analysis.

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Internet access should be seen as a human right

A Q&A with state Sen. Kristen Gonzalez, chair of the Internet and Technology Committee.

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Regulating the internet as a public utility

A Q&A with state Sen. Sean Ryan, chair of the Commerce, Economic Development, and Small Business Committee.

Heard Around Town

Lou Coletti joins Davidoff, Hutcher & Citron

The former Building Trades Employers’ Association president is the latest notable hire for the government relations firm.


How Murad Awawdeh has helped New York City asylum-seekers through the crisis

The New York Immigration Coalition leader talked about what the city, state and federal governments can do differently to best serve the immigrant population.