‘Zombie’ charter compromise angers public school advocates

Gov. Kathy Hochul originally wanted to lift the New York City charter cap, but is now considering reviving about two dozen lapsed charter licenses instead.


Teachers union rallies for more money, less paperwork

More than a third of an educator’s day is spent on tasks that don’t benefit kids, the union claims.


Lawsuit claims New York City children with special education needs should have been evaluated sooner

Three public school families suing the Department of Education argue that its failure to provide timely special education evaluations to students with disabilities has hampered their education.

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NYC Schools names smaller class size working group

A City Council member, budget wonks, parents and more will be talking about the hotly debated legislation passed last year.


Will dyslexia screening be Eric Adams’ signature issue?

It’s a top goal, and a personal one. But parts of his agenda, like a screening program at Rikers, are nowhere to be seen.


Dueling approaches on the impact of charter schools

Gov. Kathy Hochul has proposed lifting the regional charter school cap. The dueling rallies – led by prominent Black leaders – offered a look into the intraparty divide over charter schools as both sides argued its impact.

Power List

The 2023 Higher Education Power 100

New York’s most influential college and university leaders.


Three New York universities name first women presidents

Fordham University, Columbia University, and New York University have all hired women to lead them in the past year, marking historic milestones for the universities.

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Interviews & Profiles

Will John King stop SUNY from spiraling?

He’s no stranger to the New York education world. Now, he hopes to save the state’s struggling public universities.


Who should bear the cost of upgrading SUNY and CUNY? Hochul says students are part of the answer

New York’s public colleges need financial assistance, but fears of enrollment declines and burdening middle-class students have made the governor’s plan proposal unpopular with students, staff and some lawmakers.


Exclusive: New York City schools to create working group on phasing in smaller class sizes

Parents, school leaders and advocates are being asked about their interest in joining the effort in a new survey released today.


Opinion: Increasing CUNY and SUNY tuition is a working and middle-class tax increase in disguise

It’s time for the state to reinvest in both institutions and follow through on Gov. Kathy Hochul’s vision for higher education.

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NYC education department says admissions diversity pilot is working

A program to set aside spots at high-performing schools for underrepresented students should be expanded, city education leader says.

New York City

Eric Adams puts his own spin on universal pre-K

The administration is expanding special education and paying teachers more – and throwing shade at Bill de Blasio in the process.


What really happened with the New York City Department of Education Budget?

The City Council has blamed the DOE and Mayor Eric Adams for budget cuts it signed off on and knew about for months.