City & State’s Education in New York Summit brings light to resource disparities across the state

The event attended by government leaders and educators revealed obstacles to equity and the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

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Jennifer Raab says goodbye to Hunter College after nearly a quarter century

The exiting college president sat down with City & State to discuss her impact on the school and the legacy she leaves after more than 22 years of service.

New York City

New York City likely to hire close to 18,000 teachers to meet state mandated lower class sizes: Report

The new staffing will cost between $1.6 billion and $1.9 billion each year over the next five years, according to an analysis by the Independent Budget Office


Eric Adams announces new contract deal with teachers union that allows more remote learning

The 120,000 union members will also see significant raises as part of the contract that extends through 2027.


Opinion: An LGBTQIA+ education will keep our kids safe

New York, a leader of progressive movements from the Stonewall uprising to the marriage equality campaign, should reflect its legacy of inclusivity and equality in its curriculum.


Adrienne Adams and advocates lay out plan for strengthening early childhood programs

The City Council Speaker called the system managed by the Department of Education “broken”


Opinion: We must act now to improve access to New York City's early education system

The current enrollment set-up doesn’t do enough to inform parents about free child care and get kids in the city’s 3-K and pre-K programs.


What’s up with the New York City schools budget this year?

Mayor Eric Adams proposed a nearly $1 billion cut to the $31 billion Department of Education budget.

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‘Zombie’ charter compromise angers public school advocates

Gov. Kathy Hochul originally wanted to lift the New York City charter cap, but is now considering reviving about two dozen lapsed charter licenses instead.


Teachers union rallies for more money, less paperwork

More than a third of an educator’s day is spent on tasks that don’t benefit kids, the union claims.


Lawsuit claims New York City children with special education needs should have been evaluated sooner

Three public school families suing the Department of Education argue that its failure to provide timely special education evaluations to students with disabilities has hampered their education.

Heard Around Town

NYC Schools names smaller class size working group

A City Council member, budget wonks, parents and more will be talking about the hotly debated legislation passed last year.


Will dyslexia screening be Eric Adams’ signature issue?

It’s a top goal, and a personal one. But parts of his agenda, like a screening program at Rikers, are nowhere to be seen.