NYC schools gear up to handle students’ mental health needs

The city has hired more than 500 social workers and trained parents and staffers to support students after more than a year of remote learning.


How students will rely on the vaccinated to stay safe

Most kids aren’t eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, which leaves their protection up to those around them.


New York City Council considering legislation to lower class sizes

Supporters say the measure would boost the quality of education for students and help mitigate the effects of future health crises.


Could the delta variant complicate the coming NYC school year?

Less than 1% of summer classrooms have been impacted by positive cases. Health experts disagree on how schools should handle quarantines.


Can NYC’s summer school program help make up for a pandemic year?

High demand and a rushed rollout have left some teachers and organizations feeling unprepared for an influx of kids to summer programming.


CUNY investment can spark equitable economic recovery

Mayoral candidates need a plan to help students from low-income families go to college.


Legislators want to fully fund school aid

The upcoming state budget gives state liberals a chance to win a yearslong fiscal fight with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


New ideas on how to slow teacher turnover

Focusing on students’ social and emotional issues may help retain teachers in low-income communities.


How Cuomo repurposed pandemic aid meant for schools

Without federal support for state and local governments, the governor dipped into funds meant for education.

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Richard Carranza

Carranza leaves behind a lofty aim, unachieved

The New York City schools chancellor made integration his top priority and main talking point. He’s stepping down with little to show for it.


The kids are not alright

Getting them back into the classroom will help, but they’ll need more mental health support when they return.

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Shelley Mayer: Show me the education money

The state Senate education chair says new federal money should supplement, not replace, state funding.

New York City

4 things to know about the next NYC schools chancellor

Meisha Porter is a longtime educator in New York City’s public school system.

Richard Carranza

Richard Carranza’s biggest moments

The defining events of the New York City schools chancellor’s tenure


How COVID-19 is inspiring new visions for higher education

Advocates say bold plans could help New York recover from the pandemic while addressing inequities.


What to know about New York City’s school admissions changes

They’re the most significant shift to desegregate schools since de Blasio took office.