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Tributes honor Colin Powell following retired general’s death

He was seen as an inspiration and “trailblazer” to many in New York’s political world.


NYPD sex crimes division is still understaffed, council member says

Helen Rosenthal on what’s lacking within the unit where change is needed.

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Letitia James and the great non-campaign, campaign speech

The state attorney general won’t say if she’s running for governor, but a speech to business leaders sure sounded like she might

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Hochul says she is open to decriminalizing sex work

Advocates for two competing bills are vying for the new governor’s attention on the controversial issue.

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Food delivery workers won new protections in New York City. Can the state keep up?

The historic legislation guaranteed ride-hailing drivers and delivery workers minimum pay, but statewide reforms are harder to come by.

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NYC progressives fundraise for India Walton

Three upcoming events aim to help the Buffalo Democratic mayoral candidate build up her warchest.

New York City

Protecting NYC 20 years after 9/11

A look at the controversial counterterrorism efforts that reshaped the NYPD and whether it was all worth it.

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Jamaal Bailey’s shaking up the Bronx Dems

With a majority female City Council representation, could the old boys club be gone?

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Why Cuomo and Adams need each other

The governor and the probable next mayor of New York City seem interested in maintaining an alliance. We’ll see how long it will last.

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