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‘Everybody’s watching:’ Brian Kavanagh talks housing and the NY budget

The Senate Housing Committee chair said he “certainly doesn’t need pressure” to find a compromise on housing.

New York City

Meera Joshi on her 'people' approach to infrastructure

The New York City deputy mayor for operations discusses her personal approach to the job and her appointment to the MTA board.

New York City

Photo essay: E-bike fires leave scars on buildings across New York City

There has been mixed progress at sites of prominent fires, even months or a year later.

Heard Around Town

Eric Adams’ communications office: Where are they now?

Several members of the mayor’s press shop have left (or are leaving) for eye-catching new jobs over the last year.


Likely AI books about New York politicians are flooding Amazon

Insiders may not learn much, since the books range from largely inaccurate to complete gibberish.

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Albany Agenda

Basil Seggos wants to trust the science

The departing DEC commissioner says New York is serious about addressing climate change.


New York’s lofty goal for digitization: “Simple, seamless and straightforward”

Government leaders gathered at City and State’s 2024 Digital New York Summit to discuss ways of modernizing digital infrastructures in government.

Interviews & Profiles

How Suri Kasirer has remained New York City’s top lobbyist for the past seven years

In a Q&A, she talked about navigating the transition from Bill de Blasio to Eric Adams at City Hall.

Albany Agenda

Jeffrion Aubry, voice of the Assembly, is leaving it after 30 years

The speaker pro tempore was instrumental in repealing the Rockefeller drug laws and building a performing arts center to honor Louis Armstrong.

Interviews & Profiles

Steve Romalewski wants to help you understand redistricting

The CUNY researcher’s project “Redistricting and You” translates the complexities of redistricting into easy-to-read interactive maps.