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Heard Around Town

Nadler and Maloney both want to talk with you separately

On primary day No. 1, the congressional rivals jockeyed for attention on the Upper West Side.

New York State

Progressives down – but not out – after a tough primary night

The WFP and DSA lost many of their races, but are looking for silver linings.

Campaigns & Elections

About 15% of Democrats voted for New York governor – which means turnout was pretty good

Voter turnout is always “abysmal,” but with about 900,000 votes cast, it’s all relative.

Campaigns & Elections

Here’s who won the three countywide judicial primaries in New York City

Judgeships for the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court, along with the Brooklyn and Queens Civil Courts were also on the ballot in Tuesday’s primary.

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Here’s how New York’s revised concealed carry law will set new limitations on guns

The legislation signed into law Friday mandates training courses for concealed carry license holders, prohibits guns in Times Square and sets firearm storage requirements.


What really happened with the New York City Department of Education Budget?

The City Council has blamed the DOE and Mayor Eric Adams for budget cuts it signed off on and knew about for months.

New York City

New Yorkers are scrambling for public restroom access with limited availability

While a new bill would require city departments to identify a new restroom location in every ZIP code, it stops short from ordering their completion.


Finger Lakes cryptomining operation is inconsistent with climate law, state finds

Citing “tripled facility emissions,” the state Department of Environmental Conservation denied an air permit renewal for Greenidge Generation, a former coal plant near Seneca Lake.

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Interviews & Profiles

Sarahana Shrestha on bringing DSA upstate

The socialist defeated incumbent Assembly Member Kevin Cahill in Tuesday’s primary.

Interviews & Profiles

Juan Ardila: ‘When the left organizes, we win’

One of the two leftists to win an Assembly primary, Ardila talked election strategy, housing policy and reaching across the ideological spectrum.

Winners & Losers

This week’s biggest Winners & Losers

Who’s up and who’s down this week?

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Publisher's Section

Above & Beyond: Innovators

New Yorkers who are disrupting the status quo and driving transformative change.

Power 100

The 2022 Power of Diversity: Black 100

The political players blazing a trail for others.

Power 100

The 2022 Power of Diversity: Pride 100

The LGBTQ leaders in New York politics.

Power 100

The 2022 Albany Power 100

The political leaders at the dawn of the Hochul era.

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Opinion: How New York politicians can win with the power of math

The politicians who excel at voter turnout and voter targeting will have the best chance at victory.


Commentary: Blockchain for government? Not so fast.

Proponents like New York City Mayor Eric Adams see the technology as a tool for centralizing information and improving services. A proposed state task force would take a deeper look.

Opinion: Reflecting back on those who embodied the history of advocacy for the LGBTQ community at CUNY

Remembering them as Pride is celebrated this month underscores why it’s vital to support the next generation of leaders and activists.

Editor's Note

Editor’s note: ‘Get stuff done’ delivers for Juneteenth

It looks like Mayor Eric Adams’ determination helped create a paid holiday in celebration of Juneteenth for all municipal employees for the first time in city history.

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