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NYC Council votes to expand authority over mayoral appointments

The vote escalates a simmering power struggle between the council and New York City Mayor Eric Adams.

Eric Adams

Eric Adams on City Council tensions: ‘We know we still need to resolve this city’

The mayor alluded to events within his own family to smooth over recent disagreements.


Officials sound the alarm on cuts to NYC contracts office

New York City isn’t paying nonprofits on time. The mayor wants to reduce contract services funding anyway.

Eric Adams

Some of the most contentious fights between Eric Adams and Adrienne Adams

While the New York City mayor and City Council speaker started off on good terms, the relationship has grown more fractured of late.

New York City Council

Speaker Adams and Mayor Adams clash over City Council oversight of City Hall

The Council speaker is advancing legislation to give the council veto power over some mayoral appointments, but the mayor's newly-announced Charter Revision Commission could delay that.


Business zoning overhaul approved by key City Council committee

The City of Yes for Economic Opportunity will move forward with a few modifications.


City Council, Adams admin spar over early childhood education cuts

The program is more popular than ever – and it’s facing a $170 million budget reduction.


NYPD still racking up overtime and mum on social media posts

The New York City Council criticized police leaders for fiscal mismanagement and “unprofessional” posts.

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Homeless and social services funding cuts reexamined by City Council

Amid a period of heightened tension between the mayor and the council, the final stretch of the budget process begins with a theatrical introduction.

Energy & Environment

NYC environment commish delivers sobering message to City Council on flooding

“We will need a much broader conversation about how much we are willing to pay, how much flooding we are willing to accept,” the city Environmental Protection Commissioner Rohit Aggarwala said.


NYC commits $500 million for at-risk education programs

The funding will cover half the $1 billion hole left by expiring federal aid.


Bill package aims to improve delivery of services to New Yorkers displaced from homes after natural disasters, fires and other emergencies

The Back Home Act would increase accountability, address operational inefficiencies and provide greater transparency and resources.

Economic Development

Everything you need to know about the latest proposal in ‘City of Yes’

Mayor Eric Adams’ proposed overhaul of dated zoning regulations would bolster New York’s economic recovery and grow local business.


City has funds to reverse library, education cuts and more, Council says

The City Council’s official response to Mayor Eric Adams’ preliminary budget proposal found an additional $6.1 billion they say can be used to reverse cuts and pad reserves.