New York City Council


City Hall budget officials clash with City Council members at final hearing

New York City Budget Director Jacques Jiha faced spirited questioning from City Council members as they argued cuts will harm city services.

NYC Department of Education

NYC Schools won’t see cuts in September, Banks pledges

The Department of Education is still seeing a spending reduction, but individual schools might not.

New York City Council

With new bill, NYC Council 'weeks away' from passing permanent outdoor dining

The program would allow year-round sidewalk dining but only allow dining structures in the road for part of the year.


‘She couldn’t handle it’ – why Kristin Richardson Jordan dropped out

Charles Barron, KRJ’s closest ally in the City Council, said he tried to convince her to stay in the race.

Campaign Confidential

Mealy’s measly attendance: NYC Council member misses one-third of meetings

New York City Council Member Darlene Mealy is facing a reelection battle this summer – and her absenteeism might not be helpful.


Opinion: It's time to pass a City Council amendment giving restaurants greater flexibility on delivery app platforms

The legislation would create an option for eateries to voluntarily choose from different marketing services levels, while maintaining pandemic era rates and fee caps

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Andy King is off the ballot again, after appeal

The former City Council member is trying to win his old seat back, after being expelled in 2020.


Adrienne Adams and advocates lay out plan for strengthening early childhood programs

The City Council Speaker called the system managed by the Department of Education “broken”


Why does the NYC Council think there’s more money to spend than Eric Adams?

City Hall and the City Council often have different budget projections – and the council has been more accurate in recent years.

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More mental health crisis respite centers, in NYC Council plan

Mayor Eric Adams has his own mental health plan, but the council plans to push its priorities in the budget.

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New York City Council progressives call for rent freeze

The Rent Guidelines Board is set to consider another year of price hikes on rent stabilized apartments.

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NYC Schools names smaller class size working group

A City Council member, budget wonks, parents and more will be talking about the hotly debated legislation passed last year.


Bill for privacy in homeless shelters unites progressives, conservatives

New York City Council members say individual sleeping areas would improve homeless New Yorkers’ quality of life.

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Democrat Robert Holden defiant after testifying at GOP crime hearing

The New York City Council Member, who ran as a Republican, thinks Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg should be removed, but insists it has nothing to do with Donald Trump.

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Guinea pig sales banned in NYC

Pet stores will be banned from selling the rodents, in the latest win for animal rights activists.