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Women who accused Cuomo of harassment fight subpoenas from his legal team

Years after they came forward, legal battles continue as the governor’s lawyers seek depositions and even years of phone records.

Campaigns & Elections

Taylor Darling announces state Senate bid

The Long Island Assembly Member is looking to replace state Sen. Kevin Thomas, who is running for Congress.

News & Politics

Menendez indictment finds Schumer and Santos aligned

Both the Senate Majority Leader and the indicted Long Island Republican want to avoid a rush to judgment.


Commentary: Migrants are breaking Democratic Party unity

Politicians are passing the buck on New York City’s influx of asylum-seekers, which is harming the outlook for Democrats in 2023 and 2024.

New York City Council

Council members accuse City Hall of telling contractors to stay away from Council hearing

None of the city contractors invited to testify bothered to show up to the hearing. Council Members Julie Won and Gale Brewer blamed the Adams administration.


After meeting with Biden, Hochul touts TPS as a win

The governor initially distanced herself from the issue of asylum-seekers in New York City, but she’s taking credit for getting the feds to act.

Campaigns & Elections

New policy group spends big on D’Esposito attack ads

Formed in February, Empire State Voices has targeted several New York Republicans in swing districts – and it’s not clear who’s funding them.

Heard Around Town

Prince William gets canceled on by Eric Adams

The Prince of Wales was to meet with the mayor during his latest visit to New York City, but instead settled for greeting FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh at a Lower Manhattan firehouse.


Commentary: Chris Quinn for Mayor?

The former City Council speaker has spent nearly a decade running a homeless services nonprofit. She could be a strong contender in 2025 – if only she would challenge Adams.

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News & Politics

Curious who will be governing New York in 5 years? Take a look at the staffers.

Across New York City and state legislative branches, intra-office succession planning is alive and well.

Heard Around Town

Report: NYC unable to process most welfare applications on time

Timely processing of cash assistance and SNAP applications continued to drop in the last fiscal year, according to the Mayor’s Management Report.

Campaigns & Elections

Queens Assembly District 27 special election results

Democrat Sam Berger has defeated Republican David Hirsch in the race to replace former Assembly Member Daniel Rosenthal.

Heard Around Town

Lawmakers hold rally in support of Adams response to asylum-seekers

The elected officials pushed back on critiques that the mayor is anti-immigrant.


Cuomo wins initial legal fight to unravel new ethics commission

A conservative judge handed former Gov. Andrew Cuomo an early win in his legal fight against the state’s new ethics commission, which investigated Cuomo’s pandemic-era book deal.