Albany Agenda

Elise Stefanik

How Democrats could sabotage Stefanik in congressional redistricting

It will not be easy, but Democratic state lawmakers hold the North Country rep’s political future in their hands.

New York State

Wage theft a top issue in final legislative stretch

Construction groups say they want key changes to bill supported by Democratic lawmakers and organized labor.


The end of the un-scientific subway shutdown

Growing scientific research suggested disinfecting trains had little effect on spread of the coronavirus. Cuomo did it for a year anyway.

New York City

Looking at how well education combats Holocaust misinformation

A bill before state lawmakers would authorize a state study to examine how well students are learning about genocide.

New York State

NY Legislature moves to make COVID-19 workplace rules permanent

Just when the Heroes Act takes effect depends on Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo

Cuomo’s woes keep piling on

Sexual misconduct, undercounted nursing home deaths, COVID-19 vaccines and tests – and a certain book he wrote.

New York State

The messy, last-minute changes to the ‘excluded workers’ fund

Charged state budget talks about aid for undocumented immigrants has revealed fractures among Democratic lawmakers.

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