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Exclusive: Environmental, labor groups call for more climate funding in city budget

A letter to the City Council calls for investing an additional $600 million in the electrification of public schools and allocating more funding to help implement Local Law 97.


Here are the details of Albany's potential three-way housing deal

The proposed deal includes a weakened version of “good cause” eviction, an increase to individual apartment improvement caps and a new version of the 421-a tax break. But everyone seems to hate it.

Heard Around Town

NY Legislature approves fourth budget extender

The state Senate approved an April 15 extension Thursday, and the Assembly is expected to do so on Friday.

Albany Agenda

NAACP Legal Defense Fund backs ‘good cause’ eviction bill

The civil rights organization joined with dozens of Democratic elected officials to oppose attempts to weaken the tenant protection legislation.

Interviews & Profiles

‘Everybody’s watching:’ Brian Kavanagh talks housing and the NY budget

The Senate Housing Committee chair said he “certainly doesn’t need pressure” to find a compromise on housing.


Opinion: Domestic violence survivors like me need housing support

To ensure survivors can obtain safe housing, Albany must include funding for the Housing Access Voucher Program and New York State Supportive Housing Program in the state budget.


Opinion: Answering the call to save local news in New York

Since 2004, New York has lost nearly half of its local newspapers. The bipartisan Local Journalism Sustainability Act will ensure New Yorkers have access to the independent local news they deserve.

News & Politics

Laborers union asks legislature to include $40 minimum wage in 421-a replacement

The Mason Tenders District Council has already agreed to a wage deal with REBNY and now wants legislators to codify it into law.

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Criminal justice reform push comes as state budget negotiations drag on

Advocates join in a call for passing a package of bills that make it easier to challenge wrongful convictions and ease financial burdens on incarcerated persons and their families.

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Housing deal may include provision to let landlords increase rents on vacant rent-stabilized apartments

The Assembly speaker confirmed that bringing back rent increases to offset the costs of renovating rent-stabilized apartments is on the budget negotiating table.


City has funds to reverse library, education cuts and more, Council says

The City Council’s official response to Mayor Eric Adams’ preliminary budget proposal found an additional $6.1 billion they say can be used to reverse cuts and pad reserves.


New York City Council to unveil budget rebuttal

Council members will convene at City Hall on April 1 to provide their view on the city’s fiscal health

News & Politics

Hochul offers three-day budget extender

The extension is short, but that doesn’t mean a budget deal is imminent.