De Blasio proposes expanded “recovery budget”

New York City’s fiscal outlook was improved by the federal pandemic relief package.


Budget vote exposes Democratic divisions

Some moderates voted against the revenue bill, while Democratic Socialists changed their vote at the last minute.


What’s in store for New York nonprofits in the state budget

Boosted pay for human services workers, support for Asian American organizations and more.


Does the state budget rise to the moment?

Vulnerable people like undocumented immigrants can still fall through the holes of an expanded safety net.


Cuomo, Legislature agree on $212B state budget

State lawmakers scored major victories on taxes, education funding and aid for undocumented immigrants.

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Progressive lawmakers take the War Room overnight

A half dozen left-leaning legislators stayed overnight outside the governor’s Capitol office to push for their budget priorities.


NYC mayoral contenders propose direct cash assistance

A majority of Democratic candidates want to give more money to New Yorkers.

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Legislators want to fully fund school aid

The upcoming state budget gives state liberals a chance to win a yearslong fiscal fight with Gov. Andrew Cuomo.


8 contentious issues in state budget negotiations

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders are aiming to make a deal by April 1 despite unprecedented challenges.


Three issues to watch in state budget negotiations

Taxes, public school funding and COVID-19 relief will test state lawmakers before the April 1 state budget deadline.

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Progressives see budget windfalls among Cuomo scandals

Even a weakened governor still has a lot of power in the executive-oriented budget process.

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How much New York is getting in the COVID-19 relief bill

New York state and local governments would get a total of $23.3 billion in federal assistance under draft COVID-19 relief package.

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How Cuomo wants to raise revenues

His proposed state budget includes ideas big and small to help close a multibillion-dollar deficit.

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A micro-explainer on the state’s economy

How does New York make – and spend – its money?