Energy & Environment

Will New York Democrats push a progressive climate agenda this session?

The state needs to wean itself off fossil fuels, but lawmakers disagree about how – and how quickly – to do that.

Health Care

How will NY schools handle omicron?

Gov. Kathy Hochul said remote learning is not on the table for now.

Health Care

Minnesota man who attended NYC anime event tests positive for the omicron variant

The new strain of the virus, which was first detected in the U.S. on Wednesday, has still not been found in any New Yorkers.


5 ways Eric Adams could revamp how NYC uses tech

Adams has championed New York City as a home for tech companies. Can he make his own city’s technology work?

Health Care

Hundreds of NYC correction workers have not been vaccinated

The deadline for all Department of Correction staffers to receive a COVID-19 shot was Tuesday at 5 p.m.


Tension builds within the UFT over reducing class sizes

A new coalition within the union dubbed United for Change won a vote to force a referendum on the issue, signaling a growing divide.

Health Care

Will Hochul reinstate COVID-19 restrictions?

Gov. Kathy Hochul said she would put COVID-19 restrictions back into place if the state’s cases keep increasing but there’s been little talk about when that would happen.


Is the New York Blood Center approval the end of City Council’s member deference?

Lawmakers overruled the member who represents the district where the blood center is located, bucking a tradition that has stymied multiple other major projects.

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Ask the Experts

New York City is set for a major expansion of voting rights. Here’s what you need to know.

The City Council will vote next month on a bill that would allow more than 800,000 immigrants to vote in municipal elections.

Criminal justice

Questions loom about the plan to close Rikers, as new administration takes over

The City Council heard a final update from the de Blasio administration. But what do the new guys think?


MTA officials said balancing the budget could require fare hikes next year

A new financial forecast predicts ugly choices ahead for an agency struggling to get through the pandemic.

Health Care

NYC launches COVID-19 vaccine drives for kids, ages 5 to 11

Mayor-elect Eric Adams is already talking about getting rid of the city’s public school mask mandate but epidemiologists feel it’s too soon to do away with masks.

Health Care

All adult New Yorkers now eligible to receive COVID-19 booster shot

City health officials made the announcement Monday as cases have ticked up slightly and are expected to continue increasing over the holidays.

Health Care

7,000 New Yorkers need a kidney. New legislation could make it easier to donate.

Two bills to incentivize kidney donations could save hundreds of lives a year — but supporters say it’s tough to get the Legislature to prioritize the issue.