New York City is desperate to find more space to house asylum seekers

Mayor Adams issued an executive order suspending the land use review process to create more shelters quickly, prompting criticism from the City Council.


Adams’ order suspending some right-to-shelter protections called premature, illegal

You might expect city leaders to present a united front to face this crisis, but that’s not the case.


New York City shelters are backlogged because of a lack of long-term housing

The Adams administration is struggling to place new asylum-seekers because few people are exiting emergency centers.


NYC plans to house some asylum-seekers in suburban counties

With the city running out of space to house migrants, the Adams administration will pay for housing and services at two hotels in Rockland and Orange counties.


Eric Adams: Biden has ‘failed New York City’ on asylum-seeker support

The New York City mayor assailed the president in his strongest terms yet, as he pleaded for support in getting migrants work authorizations.


Opinion: New York must pass the Access to Representation Act for immigrants facing deportation

The legislation would ensure migrants have a right to a lawyer when appearing before an immigration court.


Manhattan’s population rebound leads nation, driven largely by immigration

The borough grew by more than 17,000 residents from 2021 to 2022, while the number of residents in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx again declined.

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Adams: funding for migrants is top priority in Albany

The New York City Mayor visited the Capitol monday to lobby for his budget asks

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NYC’s plan to relocate some asylum-seekers to the Catskills may not happen

Partner organizations said Mayor Eric Adams’ announcement was premature, and details are still being worked out.


NYC hopes to relocate asylum-seekers to other places

Mayor Eric Adams released a blueprint for the city’s path forward, as the Biden administration weighs immigration policy changes.


Biden immigration rule could mean fewer migrants to NYC

Mayor Eric Adams administration said it's still reviewing the policy.


Commentary: The arrival of asylum-seekers is unlike previous migration waves

Bussed to New York City, many migrants have arrived without existing ties and are staying, stretching resources that can help them to the breaking point.