Criminal justice

Criminal justice

A timeline on the closure of Rikers Island

Construction on external work began this week on the Tombs in Chinatown, one of the proposed locations for borough-based jails that would replace Rikers.

Criminal justice

Why corporate America is betting on getting Clean Slate into the state budget

Progressive activists and business leaders say the economy would benefit from making it easier to seal criminal records for formerly incarcerated people.

Criminal justice

Progressives remain steadfast though voters are wary of bail reform

The political left is facing a messaging battle as it attempts to block changes in the New York state budget due April 1.


Opinion: Why bail reform is worth defending from politicization

Unfounded rhetoric fuels the argument for rollbacks and overlooks the facts.

Criminal justice

Lawmakers bristle at leak of Hochul’s bail policy

The governor’s leaked public safety plan undermines her claims that she doesn’t negotiate policy through the media.

Criminal justice

Undaunted by bail backlash, progressives push for Clean Slate bill in Albany

Democrats have to decide between dueling versions of the legislation as the April 1 state budget deadline approaches.


Opinion: Don’t give people returning from prison a “second chance”

Using this kind of language reinforces perceptions and prejudice that drive mass incarceration.

Criminal justice

Criminal justice journal launches to focus on public safety strategies

“Vital City” debuted with insights and recommendations on gun violence reduction from several experts on the topic.


Opinion: Here’s what’s really holding back criminal justice reform

The absence of a clear mission over the past half-century has led to different plans, tensions and a lack of progress.

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Criminal justice

Port Authority police will search passengers’ luggage in gun crackdown

Mayor Eric Adams has repeatedly called for gun “spot checks” at entry points into the city – but experts question whether they’re an efficient use of police resources.

Criminal justice

Will Biden finally intervene in the Rikers crisis?

Calls for the president to visit the jail complex underscore criticism that New York has allowed conditions there to deteriorate.

Criminal justice

Is more surveillance tech coming for the NYPD?

Mayor Eric Adams’ mentions of facial recognition and gun detection technology drew swift pushback from civil liberties advocates.

Criminal justice

Recent shootings test Kathy Hochul’s cooperative approach to governing

The governor is leaning on a new task force on out-of-state guns to reduce crime and avoid conflict with fellow Democrats.

Criminal justice

Eric Adams to launch “modified” version of NYPD plainclothes unit

Fulfilling a campaign promise, the New York City mayor laid out plans for the latest iteration of the “anti-crime unit” that was formed in the 1970s.

Criminal justice

A budget fight over Clean Slate begins

The governor expressed support for the bill but introduced her own version with a major change.

News & Politics

NYPD Detectives’ Union joins fight against Alvin Bragg

The Manhattan district attorney is the target of ongoing attacks by criminal justice reactionaries.