Commentary: Hakeem Jeffries’ socialist problem

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries can’t defeat the Democratic Socialists of America, and they can’t defeat him, leading to an uncomfortable stasis.


Commentary: Migrants are breaking Democratic Party unity

Politicians are passing the buck on New York City’s influx of asylum-seekers, which is harming the outlook for Democrats in 2023 and 2024.


Commentary: Chris Quinn for Mayor?

The former City Council speaker has spent nearly a decade running a homeless services nonprofit. She could be a strong contender in 2025 – if only she would challenge Adams.


Commentary: Apocalyptic Eric

Why does the mayor of New York City insist that New York City is doomed?


Commentary: The newspaper war that will shape the 2025 mayoral election

The New York Times and New York Post are the last two newspapers in the city with the power to move votes. Their coverage of Eric Adams could make all the difference.


Commentary: Jamaal Bowman is Eric Adams' political nightmare

He doesn't live in New York City (yet), but Rep. Jamaal Bowman could be a real threat to Eric Adams in the 2025 mayoral primary.


Commentary: Fatal Port Newark fire exposes regional dysfunction

A look at why the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey’s reliance on local fire companies to battle such blazes may not be enough.


Commentary: How a progressive majority on the NYC Board of Correction had the upper hand over City Hall

Two new members of the panel Tuesday tipped the balance of power in favor of more progressive reforms for the first time in nine years.


Commentary: Chaos didn’t follow Supreme Court overturning New York gun law

The bleakest predictions did not materialize because the state focused on filling the regulatory void.

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Commentary: The arrival of asylum-seekers is unlike previous migration waves

Bussed to New York City, many migrants have arrived without existing ties and are staying, stretching resources that can help them to the breaking point.


Commentary: New York City Department of Correction Commissioner Louis Molina’s war on oversight

The head of the city’s jails seems to have a problem shining light on the institutions he runs.


Commentary: Blockchain for government? Not so fast.

Proponents like New York City Mayor Eric Adams see the technology as a tool for centralizing information and improving services. A proposed state task force would take a deeper look.


Commentary: Brittle nature of Latino identity politics shows cracks as political representation falls short, disappoints

Achievements by the state’s Black political establishment has highlighted how Hispanic leaders haven’t made the same progress.


The promise and peril of Cure Violence in NYC

A network of programs seek to provide pathways out of criminal behavior for at-risk youth.

Campaigns & Elections

Barkan: Stringer should drop out and endorse Wiley

Progressives need to consolidate behind their only candidate with a chance of winning.

New York City

Barkan: Kathryn Garcia is as moderate as Yang and Adams

Progressives may be turning towards because she is competent, but her ideology doesn’t always align with theirs.


Unquestioning support for Israel is no longer safe for NY Democrats

Until very recently, even staunch progressives unconditionally backed the Netanyahu government. Not any more.