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Health Care

Hundreds of NYC correction workers have not been vaccinated

The deadline for all Department of Correction staffers to receive a COVID-19 shot was Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Campaign Confidential

NYC Council speaker candidates say enough forums

In a letter signed by almost all the contenders, speaker hopefuls said they would participate in only two more panels before votes are cast.


Opinion: Thinking big about a Latino recovery plan

After this year’s return to Somos, here’s how New York City policymakers and Mayor-elect Eric Adams can address the pressing needs of the city’s Hispanic population.


Opinion: Make three meals a day, every day, for every NYC child a 2022 resolution

For some New York kids, three meals a day isn’t guaranteed. Here’s why Mayor-elect Eric Adams should change that harsh reality on Jan. 1.


Is the New York Blood Center approval the end of City Council’s member deference?

Lawmakers overruled the member who represents the district where the blood center is located, bucking a tradition that has stymied multiple other major projects.

Ask the Experts

New York City is set for a major expansion of voting rights. Here’s what you need to know.

The City Council will vote next month on a bill that would allow more than 800,000 immigrants to vote in municipal elections.

Criminal justice

Questions loom about the plan to close Rikers, as new administration takes over

The City Council heard a final update from the de Blasio administration. But what do the new guys think?


Opinion: Making the case for Latinos in the Adams administration

The incoming mayor has an opportunity to appoint Hispanics into key government positions as he sets out to best represent and serve the needs of all communities.


MTA officials said balancing the budget could require fare hikes next year

A new financial forecast predicts ugly choices ahead for an agency struggling to get through the pandemic.

Campaign Confidential

Gale Brewer is late to the City Council speaker race. Is she worth the wait?

The outgoing Manhattan borough president is hoping a wealth of experience will appeal to the new council.

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Health Care

NYC launches COVID-19 vaccine drives for kids, ages 5 to 11

Mayor-elect Eric Adams is already talking about getting rid of the city’s public school mask mandate but epidemiologists feel it’s too soon to do away with masks.

Interviews & Profiles

When the past is prologue, what becomes of Vito Fossella’s future?

The Staten Island Republican starts anew 13 years after a scandal ended his promising congressional career.


What’s the deal with the New York Blood Center?

A proposal for a high rise research facility on the Upper East Side may see the City Council buck member deference.

Campaign Confidential

Can another Adams lead New York City?

Adrienne Adams is making her case for City Council speaker, but she’s got some catching up to do.

Interviews & Profiles

Bill Chong on his legacy at the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development

The outgoing commissioner discussed the agency’s new app, its commitment to antiracism and supporting youth through the pandemic.