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After meeting with Biden, Hochul touts TPS as a win

The governor initially distanced herself from the issue of asylum-seekers in New York City, but she’s taking credit for getting the feds to act.


5 things to know about Eric Adams’ latest housing proposal

The New York City mayor unveiled the latest on his goal to become a “City of Yes.”

New York City

11 key figures from New York City’s latest report card

Important stats on affordable housing, composting, dog ownership and more

New York City

New York City schools are embracing AI. Lawmakers had some questions.

After an about-face on ChatGPT, the Department of Education plans to develop AI policy for grades K-12 by June.

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Free buses start on Sunday

A pilot program to test the feasibility of fareless buses is set to start Sept. 24.

New York City

Republicans parrot Eric Adams at Homeland Security Committee hearing on migrants

The GOP used Adams’ comments that the issue would “destroy the city,” to argue the border should be closed. Adams hasn’t called for closing the border.


DOC stopped providing tampons to detainees – despite 2016 law mandating it

The Department of Correction has a problem with menstruation, amid fears that tampons will be used to smoke drugs and menstrual cups will be used for “splashings.”


Report: Community preschool teachers paid half as much as public school teachers

Over the course of a 25-year career, educators working in privately-run preschool programs could make $690,000 less than public school teachers.

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Prince William gets canceled on by Eric Adams

The Prince of Wales was to meet with the mayor during his latest visit to New York City, but instead settled for greeting FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh at a Lower Manhattan firehouse.

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Campaigns & Elections

Assembly Member Eddie Gibbs sues Manhattan Dems after losing district leader race

Gibbs lost an internal election by one vote during a sparsely-attended divisional meeting of the Manhattan Democratic Party. Now he’s trying to get the vote thrown out.


Staffing shortages are still disrupting New York City services

Ahead of a hiring freeze, the mayor’s management report showed how insufficient staffing hampered some agencies’ operations.

Editor's Note

Editor’s note: Penn Station redevelopment plan deserves an RFP

A competitive selection process may be the best way to reimagine the nation’s busiest transit hub.


Major felony crimes up in New York City schools

School safety has been a major focus after a string of high-profile incidents occurred outside school buildings last year.


Commentary: Chris Quinn for Mayor?

The former City Council speaker has spent nearly a decade running a homeless services nonprofit. She could be a strong contender in 2025 – if only she would challenge Adams.

News & Politics

Curious who will be governing New York in 5 years? Take a look at the staffers.

Across New York City and state legislative branches, intra-office succession planning is alive and well.

Campaigns & Elections

2023 New York City Council general election races to watch

There will be battlegrounds across the city as Republicans try to add to their gains in recent years.