New York City


Protests over the police killing of Tyre Nichols are expected in NYC tonight. Can the NYPD do better this time?

Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul said police were prepared to monitor protests.


Symposium discusses solutions to homelessness and mental illness in New York

Experts gathered at the event sponsored by HELP USA and hosted by City & State to discuss policies and practices to improve housing and mental health services for the unhoused.

Eric Adams

5 takeaways from Eric Adams’ State of the City

The New York City mayor laid out his “Working People’s Agenda” for 2023 at a theater in Queens on Thursday.

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NYC education department says admissions diversity pilot is working

A program to set aside spots at high-performing schools for underrepresented students should be expanded, city education leader says.

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Internet access for some of New York's neediest residents to be announced in Eric Adams' state of the city

Among the efforts planned for this year is a broadband pilot program for Section 8 households in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan, New York City's mayor told City & State.

New York State

Al Taylor has come around on New York’s Equality Amendment

The Assembly member and New York City Council candidate said his personal views should not “overrule the right for someone else to make their own decisions.”

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PBA President Pat Lynch is getting a challenge from Corey Grable

The longtime NYPD union president is being criticized for not reaching a contract deal and for endorsing Donald Trump.


NYC’s basement apartment pilot draws only 5 participants

A program to bring some illegal basement apartments up to code has demonstrated the financial and regulatory hurdles to conversions – a setback for the mayor and governor’s housing agendas.

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Union leaders back Eric Adams’ bid for the DNC in NYC

In a letter addressed to President Joe Biden, labor leaders emphasized the importance of working class support for the Democratic Party.


New York City embarks on creating an AI strategy

The Office of Technology and Innovation is hiring a director of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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NYC’s law to prevent artificial intelligence bias in hiring is in limbo

The implementation of the 2021 law has been delayed until April, while the city continues to consider how to define automated hiring tools and other draft rules.


Amid “crisis,” Adams defends cruise terminal migrant shelter

The New York City mayor has grown increasingly fed up with criticism levied at his administration’s efforts to house asylum-seekers.


Eric Adams eliminates vacant job openings, by the numbers

More than 4,300 city positions were cut in the mayor’s latest financial plan.

Interviews & Profiles

Brian Cunningham wants to talk to the policy critics too

After getting elected to his first full term, the Crown Heights Assembly member talked recidivism, mental health and maternal health.


Opinion: Thousands of NYCHA tenants forgotten under Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Residents in public housing deserve the same relief that millions of renters received across the state, but instead face mass evictions.


Opinion: Casinos will do more harm than good in NYC

Contrary to popular belief, the social costs of these gambling establishments outweigh their supposed benefits of increased jobs and economic development claimed by pro-casino advocates.