New York City

New York City

The biggest questions addressed at the City Council hearing on asylum-seekers

As New York City prepares a tent shelter in the Bronx, officials from Eric Adams administration testified about the location, transportation, and services provided

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AOC meets “GSD” on taxi medallion debt relief

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made her first official appearance with Eric Adams to celebrate a milestone for underwater taxi drivers

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After voting down its own map, the New York City Districting Commission opened up its deliberations

The livestreamed meeting focused mostly on increasing the Latino population in a City Council district in Manhattan

New York City

Mental health care on Rikers: New York’s largest psychiatric provider

On an average day, almost 3,000 people with mental illnesses are detained there – and they need better care.

New York City

NYC overhauls controversial schools admissions process for middle schools, selective high schools

Schools Chancellor David Banks said the controversial process was replaced with one that rewards the highest academic achievers, as well as increases transparency and fairness.

New York City

How many people are detained on Rikers? A look at the crisis by the numbers

The annual Mayor’s Management Report offers a cross-section of statistics on the jail complex.

New York City Council

Outdoor dining plan still set to allow roadway seating, council confirms

A City Council bill that would make the Open Restaurants program permanent still includes provisions for roadway seating – though it’s unclear what those set-ups would look like.


Opinion: The Close to Home Act shows there’s a better way to youth incarceration

After 10 years, youth arrests in New York City declined by 86%, helping to overturn a juvenile system that was once riddled in chaos.

New York City

Eric Adams unapologetic for lack of transparency in his public schedules

The self-described “9-to-9” New York City Mayor said he never knows how his whereabouts and actions might change while doing city business.

New York City

Advocates clarify the right to shelter stands in NYC – after Eric Adams seemed to question it again

The mayor spoke about the crisis of asylum-seekers coming to New York City on top of the city’s existing homelessness crisis.

New York City

Who’s who in Eric Adams’ administration

Here’s who the new mayor is appointing jobs to in City Hall.


Overwhelmed with migrant arrivals, NYC has planned tent shelter to be built in a Bronx flood zone

Road leading to the isolated Orchard Beach parking lot has been dubbed by locals “Lake Orchard.”


New York Nonprofit Media hosts 2022 FundCon

The event provided fundraising professionals advice on storytelling, social media and more.

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CUNY’s chancellor wants the system to play a pivotal role in New York City’s economic recovery

Announcing a new internship program, Félix V. Matos Rodríguez said graduates of the country’s largest urban public university make up half of the city’s new nurses and a third of new teachers

New York City

And… the New York City redistricting process has also devolved

The city Districting Commission voted to reject the latest draft maps, throwing the process into disarray.

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Brooklyn Dems meeting cut short amid disorganization and delays

The county organization will have to meet again – postponing Rodneyse Bichotte Hermelyn’s likely reelection as leader.