NYC Department of Transportation

So when will NYC have congestion pricing?

Biden’s approval of an environmental assessment is a shortcut on the long road to completing the toll project.

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Restoring service and avoiding another Summer of Hell

A Q&A with Tri-State Transportation Campaign Executive Director Renae Reynolds.


Should community boards weigh in on bike lanes?

Alternative transportation advocates say a New York City law intended to give communities a voice should be repealed.

NYC Department of Transportation

Why are the NYC subways still closed overnight?

Calls to reopen the subways for 24/7 service are growing after nearly a year of closures.


Can the MTA get back on track without derailing New York’s recovery?

NY’s recovery depends on trimming MTA’s operating budget while maintaining efficient service.

NYC Department of Transportation

How Biden’s Amtrak legacy may help advance NY’s transportation agenda

A rail enthusiast in the Oval Office signals hope for more federal aid and transportation funding.

New York City

6 Things To Know About Polly Trottenberg

Meet the incoming deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation.


Why the MTA has Georgia on its mind

A Senate win in Georgia could mean more funding for the MTA


Tech rides to transit’s rescue

The Transit Tech Lab picks eight finalist companies to address pandemic challenges.

New York City

Can subway buskers survive the pandemic?

Performers have lost a lot of income, but there are programs available to help them.

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MTA should cut waste to spare riders

The MTA plans devastating service slashes to avoid confronting the root of its fiscal problems.


How safe is your commute?

Your best chance to stay healthy on buses, trains and automobiles.

New York City

Carmageddon is nigh

If commuters all take to their cars – or even just stay home – the MTA is doomed.


Will Trump let congestion pricing happen?

New York needs the revenue from Central Business District tolling more than ever, but it’s unlikely to stay on schedule.


MTA wants startups to help solve its coronavirus problem

The authority issues a new “challenge” for tech companies to keep transit safe.


Forget flying cars. The future of transit is a train without coronavirus.

Experts propose outside-the-box solutions for a healthy commute.


Commuting during the coronavirus pandemic

Polly Trottenberg on how NYC public transit is adapting to the crisis.