MTA in need of new funding source, DiNapoli says

Filling massive operating budget deficits will require more than finding cost efficiency savings, a new report from the state comptroller said.


MTA to install ‘Big Brother’ security cameras in all New York City subway cars

Gov. Kathy Hochul and the MTA are optimistic new measures will prevent subway crime and give riders an added sense of security.


MTA to start enforcing $50 mask fines

The penalty was put in place last year, but officials now say they plan to ramp up enforcement.


The MTA isn’t budging on ending shared Access-A-Ride trips

Users want solo rides to resume because of the pandemic, but the MTA claims a driver shortage makes that impossible.


The mad dash for a new MTA leader

Cuomo didn’t get the restructuring he wanted, a rare transit loss for the governor.


Where subway performance stands at the end of the MTA emergency

A look at key performance indicators at the beginning and end of the MTA’s four-year state of emergency.

New York State

MTA leadership should be on the same page

The MTA needs clear lines of authority to address immediate challenges.


The end of the un-scientific subway shutdown

Growing scientific research suggested disinfecting trains had little effect on spread of the coronavirus. Cuomo did it for a year anyway.


PATH and NYC’s subway air is unsurprisingly toxic

A new study has found that the city’s underground subway air quality is full of hazardous air particles that could cause asthma, lung cancer and heart disease.

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NYC Department of Transportation

Why are the NYC subways still closed overnight?

Calls to reopen the subways for 24/7 service are growing after nearly a year of closures.


Can the MTA get back on track without derailing New York’s recovery?

NY’s recovery depends on trimming MTA’s operating budget while maintaining efficient service.


How the MTA operates

Who controls New York City’s public transportation system?


Why the MTA has Georgia on its mind

A Senate win in Georgia could mean more funding for the MTA


MTA should cut waste to spare riders

The MTA plans devastating service slashes to avoid confronting the root of its fiscal problems.