FAQ on the MTA’s $6 billion federal grant

The payout is being called the “largest federal grant in transit history.”


MTA officials said balancing the budget could require fare hikes next year

A new financial forecast predicts ugly choices ahead for an agency struggling to get through the pandemic.


Transit advocates call on MTA to nix proposed 2023 service cuts

New York secured $11 billion in federal aid this week, after reaching an agreement with New Jersey and Connecticut to divide approximately $14 billion in COVID relief money.

New York City

Taxi drivers’ hunger strike hits its seventh day

A group of protesters hope the action will force a new plan from City Hall to help them pay off what they owe on medallion loans.


We watched 18 hours of congestion pricing hearings so you don’t have to

Public speakers had concerns about charging too much, but much public testimony landed in the tolling program’s favor.


NYC and taxi drivers have very different ideas for how to tackle medallion debt

The city is sticking with its grant program despite scathing criticism from taxi drivers who say it’s not nearly enough to give them relief.


The MTA isn’t budging on ending shared Access-A-Ride trips

Users want solo rides to resume because of the pandemic, but the MTA claims a driver shortage makes that impossible.


The mad dash for a new MTA leader

Cuomo didn’t get the restructuring he wanted, a rare transit loss for the governor.


Why can’t Cuomo's DOT get along with Native American tribes?

The state government, especially the Department of Transportation, keeps clashing with Indigenous New Yorkers.


5 things to know about Janno Lieber

The MTA’s new acting chief has a long history in capital development.

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When’s the congestion pricing check going to arrive?

The MTA’s progress on New York City road tolling is moving about as fast as Lower Manhattan traffic at rush hour.


Where subway performance stands at the end of the MTA emergency

A look at key performance indicators at the beginning and end of the MTA’s four-year state of emergency.


The governor’s plan to reinvent Penn Station might need some rethinking

New York City has changed a lot over the past century, but its commuter rail network remains fundamentally the same.


How accessible is transit in New York?

Every New Yorker knows what it’s like to be exasperated with train delays or miss a muffled announcement from a subway conductor that a local train is suddenly going express.

NYC Department of Transportation

So when will NYC have congestion pricing?

Biden’s approval of an environmental assessment is a shortcut on the long road to completing the toll project.


Should community boards weigh in on bike lanes?

Alternative transportation advocates say a New York City law intended to give communities a voice should be repealed.