Police funding returns as issue in NYC budget

The mayor doesn’t propose more cuts to the NYPD, but police reform activists still want them.

Police Brutality

Could crime tip the scales of the mayoral race?

Voters have responded positively to Eric Adams and Andrew Yang, who both oppose defunding the police.


Should cops have to live in NYC?

It could improve community relations, but unions object and even some reform advocates are unenthused.


Don’t let de Blasio’s policing reform plan weaken accountability monitors

Don’t merge the CCRB, NYPD inspector general and the Commission to Combat Police Corruption.


The police reform that wasn’t

After George Floyd was killed, New York City only pretended to change policing.


NYC pols want to change NYPD’s role at polling sites

The proposal follows cops’ forceful presence during the election.

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How New York City settles lawsuits with protesters who sue cops over aggressive tactics

The city has a history of settling lawsuits filed by protesters alleging unjust treatment at the hands of the NYPD, but for some a settlement isn’t enough.


Civil rights activists question NYPD preparation for protests

Progressives at non-violent protests get arrested while conservative protests have broken the law with impunity.


The NYPD has a surveillance problem

The department is facing multiple lawsuits over the use and disclosure of its digital surveillance practices.


NYPD allows Borough Park protesters to break law with impunity

Heavy-handed tactics against Black Lives Matter protests were absent Tuesday night.

New York City

City Council considers amending chokehold criminalization law

The council is planning to introduce the legislation Thursday following outcries from the NYPD and police unions.