Adams’ vetoes set up council fights over public safety and solitary confinement bills

The City Council has vowed to override the vetoes of the How Many Stops Act and the solitary confinement ban.


Editor’s note: NYC reporters cannot lose ‘the Shack’ at One Police Plaza

This grimy office is the only foothold the press has within the confines of the NYPD.

New York City

NYPD opposes more stringent reporting requirements in POST Act

One proposal to clarify the surveillance technology transparency law “would be extremely harmful to the functioning of the department,” one official said.


Opinion: The City Council must strengthen police transparency laws

The NYPD is exploiting loopholes in the Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology Act to shield its new spying tools from oversight.

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Adams: ‘We have to push back on sci-fi aspect of drones’

Despite privacy and civil rights concerns, the mayor and city safety officials doubled down on use of the surveillance tech ahead of the West Indian Day parade.


Advocates rally for ‘How Many Stops’ act

The bill comes amidst a 40% increase in police misconduct

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NYPD doesn’t need to be more detailed in tech transparency, official says

“I'm more concerned about public safety and keeping people safe and being true to the spirit of the law,” Ruben Beltran said, when asked about criticisms of POST Act compliance.


Protesters call on Caban to fire officers in slaying of Kawaski Trawick

A march from City Hall to police headquarters demanded action from newly appointed Commissioner Eddie Caban


Edward Caban was just promoted to NYPD commissioner. He’ll get a $579 raise.

With more work and now being on the hook for whatever struggles the department may face, he won’t be earning a lot more money.

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Opinion: The NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices are still here but under a new name

A new report sheds light on the New York City Police Department’s overpolicing of Black and Latino communities, and passing the How Many Stops Act could bring transparency into the NYPD’s daily activities and help prevent future loss of life.


5 things to know about the NYPD’s new police commissioner Edward Caban

He’s the first Latino police commissioner in the city’s history. He’s always been with the NYPD, and his record isn’t completely clean.


Edward Caban named NYPD’s first Latino commissioner

A department veteran and Eric Adams loyalist takes over for Keechant Sewell, who stepped down after reportedly being micromanaged by the administration


Under Adams and Sewell, advocates allege rollback in police accountability

The city’s police watchdog said that Sewell has disagreed with or declined to pursue their recommended discipline for substantiated complaints of misconduct in most cases.


Opinion: The NYPD's Inspector General has lost its potency

Recently finding no harms created by a controversial gang database shows how much this office has been compromised from doing its job of police oversight.


The NYPD isn’t the only overspender on overtime. Just the biggest.

Mayor Adams complained people care too much about police department overtime. There’s a reason.


NYPD may be violating police surveillance transparency law

The Office of the Inspector General for the NYPD said that the department’s interpretation of the law is ‘contrary to the intent of the POST Act.’