New York City

NYC’s initiative covering nonprofit overhead will fund less this year

Reimbursement will be even lower than it was last year, when the initiative’s funding was cut.

New York City

Controversial shelter provider’s new president already out

The Bronx Parent Housing Network fired its CEO for allegedly sexually abusing and harassing shelter residents and employees. His replacement is no longer with the network.


New York City cuts initiative covering additional overhead costs for nonprofits

Organizations are unsure whether the city will reimburse them for costs they were promised would be covered.


Nonprofits mourn cuts to New York City discretionary funding

Advocates say the cuts will disproportionately affect small grassroots organizations.

Andrew Cuomo

Nonprofits on front lines call for protections for their workers, too

Nonprofit leaders say human services workers should also get bonus pay for front line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cuomo pulls back on proposed donor disclosures for nonprofits

The state budget expands the Department of State’s oversight of nonprofits.


Nonprofits ask for clearer guidance from state government

Organizations point to New York City’s commitment to continued funding as a model for the state.


Who will feed the hungry during the coronavirus outbreak?

Charities are feeling the strain as New York City tries to feed its students and elderly.


Cuomo resurfaces nonprofit donor disclosure plan

The governor wants to make major donors to nonprofits public despite losing a legal battle over a similar 2016 law.


NYC nonprofit accused of fraud to lose its homeless shelters

Childrens Community Services, one of the city’s largest social services providers, is having its operations wound down.

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Andrew Cuomo

Long-term care providers targeted in Cuomo’s budget

Human services funding remains largely consistent in the executive budget, though nonprofit nursing home providers may get squeezed.

New York State

Cuomo vetoes bill aimed to help people of color keep custody of their kids

Advocates will renew the fight to increase the burden of proof needed to substantiate child neglect cases in 2020.


Two years in, David Hansell reflects on running ACS

Administration for Children’s Services Commissioner David Hansell explains the latest in child welfare.


How the AG contenders would run the Charities Bureau

How would the Democratic Attorney General candidates would run the Charities Bureau


The corporatization of WNYC

New York Public Radio markets itself on the presumption that as a nonprofit alternative to the corporate media, it is driven by the public interest instead of a self-serving profit motive. But how well is it living up to its high-minded reputation?


City Hall: There are migrants separated from their parents in New York

The federal government is placing newly unaccompanied minors in New York City residential programs.