New York City

Proposed Midtown shelter for asylum-seekers raises concerns about safety, size

The Adams administration is eyeing the Row Hotel on 8th Avenue as a possible site to house migrants, sources said.

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Migrant families are being separated when entering NYC shelter system: Advocates

Some asylum seekers who do not have documentation to prove they are related have opted to sleep on the street rather than be housed in different shelters.


New York Immigration Coalition leaders are rolling up their sleeves

With a new administration, there’s time to focus on structural changes, including in NYC


Undocumented immigrants in New York get little financial help

Facing massive budget shortfalls, the state hasn’t stepped in to give cash to people left out of federal relief.


Will immigration policy be Trump’s leverage over New York?

Trump repeatedly turns to immigration policies as bargaining chips with New York.


You want democracy? Give noncitizen New Yorkers the right to vote

If we want New Yorkers to have true representation, we must extend the right to vote to all who live here, including non-citizens.

Donald Trump

Confusion across NY as DHS blocks residents from Trusted Traveler programs

Here’s what you need to know about the Department of Homeland Security’s suspension of these programs.

New York City

New York City Councilmembers call for hiring of noncitizens for 2020 census

In the last two censuses the federal government provided a waiver, but Donald Trump wasn’t in the White House then.

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New York City

New York’s stronger safety net will magnify Trump’s new public charge rule

The Trump administration’s recent change to the “public charge” rule could have an outsized impact on New York’s immigrants because federal social welfare programs that are administered at the state level can vary widely in their rules over who qualifies for assistance, and New York’s programs tend to be generous.

New York State

New York bucks the national trend on immigration

As the federal government takes a hard-line stance on immigration, the Empire State opens its doors.

New York State

Where are New York’s sanctuary cities?

The (supposedly) safest places in New York for undocumented immigrants.


How driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants would work

The Assembly is expected to vote this week on one of the most controversial legislative issues of the year – a proposal to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

Bill de Blasio

City Council, advocates discuss IDNYC tech liabilities

IDNYC raises concerns over increased surveillance of undocumented New Yorkers.