Opinion: Gig workers deserve a level playing field

One-third of gig workers do not have enough money to pay their bills, despite often working more than 40 hours per week, according to a new survey.

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Opinion: A tiny plaza adds life outside the entrance to Penn Station

The centerpiece of a $65 million streetscape project proved to be a hit with New Yorkers before even opening.


Commentary: Why are pro-Palestinian activists protesting Bowman and AOC?

Even as pro-Israel groups spend millions against Rep. Jamaal Bowman, some pro-Palestinian activists remain critical of him.

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Editor’s Note: Save the Keep Public Police Radio Act

The bill failed to pass the Assembly, just as the NYPD plans to go full encryption by the end of the year, leaving New Yorkers and the press in the dark.


Opinion: Don’t forget about the city’s capital budget

Democratic socialists in office are calling for an infrastructure of care in the city’s capital budget.

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Editor’s note: MTA leadership has a WTF moment over congestion pricing delay

The governor’s rushed decision-making undermines the authority of CEO Janno Lieber and the transit system’s board.


Bragg: Close the voluntary intoxication loophole

The Manhattan D.A., in an op-ed co-written with NOW-NYC President Sonia Ossorio, calls for passage of legislation to close the gap in state penal law creating an unjustly high bar for prosecuting perpetrators of rape and sexual assault.


Opinion: New Yorkers’ right to know when they’re tested for HIV is facing an unprecedented threat

Current law requires doctors to verbally discuss HIV testing with patients before ordering a test. Lawmakers want to remove that requirement.

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Opinion: Every New Yorker deserves to know their HIV status

The state must update its HIV testing law to match current CDC guidance and make it easier for doctors to order HIV tests for patients.

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Editor’s Note: Upper Manhattan and the Bronx are now a ‘cinema desert’

The closure of the Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas delivers a blow to the communal film experience in one of the leading movie markets of the world.


Opinion: Paving the way to protecting workers

A look back at how New York has supported its ever-changing workforce.

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Editor’s note: Show nonprofits the money

A cost of living adjustment increase from the Adams administration is welcome relief for these organizations, but it’s not enough when millions are still owed because of the city’s procurement backlog.


Opinion: ‘Even’ out our elections to increase voter turnout

To increase voter turnout, New York City should hold its local elections on the same years as state and federal elections.

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Commentary: New York City’s procurement system is not beyond fixing

ContractStat is a new tool to highlight problems like late payments and unregistered contracts.


Opinion: We need legislative reform to address our trash problem

We can only fix our trash problem by cutting down on the amount of waste we produce, which will require legislation like the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act.