Opinion: Answering the call to save local news in New York

Since 2004, New York has lost nearly half of its local newspapers. The bipartisan Local Journalism Sustainability Act will ensure New Yorkers have access to the independent local news they deserve.

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Editor’s Note: The view of New York City from Florida isn’t pretty

A conservative relative from the Sunshine State blamed her negative perceptions of crime and the migrant influx on messaging coming from New York’s leaders.


Opinion: Confronting the surge in domestic violence homicides in NYC

Survivors need access to safe housing and community-based violence prevention.


Opinion: Shelter limits are not the answer to the migrant crisis

We need to find sustainable solutions to the crisis, instead of forcing people out of shelters.


Opinion: Cut out the home care middlemen

Private insurance companies are pocketing millions of dollars intended for home care workers.


Opinion: The plan to tax stock trades is a terrible idea

Restoring the stock trade tax will drive Wall Street traders out of New York City and harm ordinary investors.


Opinion: It’s time to promote responsible AI development to better serve New Yorkers

We need to make AI research affordable for nonprofits and schools, so that Big Tech companies won’t have a monopoly on this transformative technology.


Opinion: New York needs an ‘all of the above’ approach to affordable housing development

Social housing, developer tax abatements, Good Cause tenant protections, building on state-owned land, accessory dwelling units – we need them all!

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Editor’s Note: Perception is NYC’s greatest challenge – and it’s Eric Adams’ too

The mayor, who said he knows New Yorkers aren’t happy after going through COVID-19 and the migrant influx, doubles down on promoting his agenda.

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Opinion: Slaying New York’s two-headed monster driving up car insurance costs

The city and state must increase enforcement against garaging fraud and “ghost cars,” the illegal practices responsible for New York’s extremely high car insurance costs.

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Opinion: Nationwide, LGBTQ+ young people are in crisis. New York can do something about it.

We must include funding for free mental health appointments for our youth in this year’s state budget.


Opinion: New Yorkers deserve subway safety, not scare tactics and empty responses

To improve public safety on the subways, we need more services for mentally ill individuals, not more National Guard troops.

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Editor’s Note: Grizzly subway fight is latest blow to MTA

The agency needs to get a grip on violence that keeps erupting on the rails.

New York City

Opinion: Social housing is public safety

The “Homes Now, Homes for Generations” campaign will help build healthy communities where neighbors have strong ties to one another, which will reduce violence and harm.