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Energy & Environment

Pursuing opportunities within New York’s electrification goals

Industry leaders, policy makers gathered to discuss the possibilities at City & State’s New York Electrification Summit in Albany.


Opinion: To make the minimum wage count, expand wage theft enforcement

A bill before the state Legislature would allow workers to initiate lawsuits against their employers on behalf of the state Department of Labor, expanding enforcement of wage theft laws.


‘I would certainly want that (option) for myself.’ Lawmakers open up about physician-assisted death

Legislation to allow terminally ill patients to choose when to die faces slim chances of passing this session, but more New York lawmakers are showing support.


Suburban Democrats lost. Now they wield all the power.

Whether carving themselves out of a tax to fund the MTA or killing the governor’s marquee proposal, it’s a great time to be repping the suburbs.


Opinion: It's time to eliminate New York's statute of limitations for sex trafficking

Survivors shouldn’t be prevented from securing the accountability and justice they deserve because they’ve taken too long to come forward.

Criminal justice

Latrice Walker and public defenders pledge to fight excessive bail despite latest rollbacks to bail reform

Bail reform or no bail reform, judges are still bound by the Eighth Amendment prohibition on excessive bail, the Assembly member said.

Kathy Hochul

Hochul gets the last laugh in press show rebuttal: ‘Is that guy from Colorado still telling me what to say?’

The governor got some good-natured ribbing for her multiple trials and tribulations over the past legislative session.

Criminal justice

Parole bills advance in NY Legislature

The bills would make it easier for incarcerated people to be considered for release.

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Hochul and Adams on migrants: ‘We have one message, let them work’

The governor and mayor are calling for expedited work authorization for asylum-seekers which they say will also help industries across the state.

Criminal justice

Opinion: The problem with plea bargains and how NY can help the innocent

Due to coercive pressures, many innocent people plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit. New York has an opportunity to allow them to seek justice.


State comptroller says MTA should be able to manage debt with state funding

A new report by Thomas DiNapoli found the financially-strained agency should be able to get on track with state funding and a higher payroll mobility tax in the budget.


Slow cannabis market ‘the product of a choice’ says state weed czar

New York has been criticized for a sluggish licensing process, but Chris Alexander said that’s necessary to achieve equity.


Bronx DA Darcel Clark backs parole reform bills

She’s the third New York City district attorney to support the Elder Parole and Fair & Timely Parole bills.


Opinion: Newburgh is a city of immigrants. We should welcome asylum-seekers.

Every level of government must take action to support asylum-seekers and provide them with the resources they need.

Criminal justice

NYC comptroller says old criminal convictions cost city residents nearly $2.4 billion in annual wages

The Legislature only has a few more days left to pass the Clean Slate Act, which would seal old criminal convictions.