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Health Care

7,000 New Yorkers need a kidney. New legislation could make it easier to donate.

Two bills to incentivize kidney donations could save hundreds of lives a year — but supporters say it’s tough to get the Legislature to prioritize the issue.


What’s the deal with the New York Blood Center?

A proposal for a high rise research facility on the Upper East Side may see the City Council buck member deference.

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New York City’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate draws predictable 11th hour ire

City union leaders stage protests and warn of worker shortages ahead of the requirement going into effect on Friday.

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Calls for NY Hero Act’s implementation lack follow up

There has been no action on requests to Gov. Kathy Hochul to enact the law which aims to lessen the risks of coronavirus infection to frontline, essential workers.

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Living in isolation has saved – and harmed – New York’s seniors

Older adults were told to stay indoors during the pandemic, but that has had unintended consequences.

New York City

Businesses challenge New York City's COVID-19 vaccine mandate

Mayor Bill de Blasio is requiring proof of vaccination for entry to restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues.


Nonprofits contracting with the city contemplate vaccine mandate

Organizations working with the city must abide by the requirements that workers get the COVID-19 vaccine or else be tested weekly.

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Why is the Bronx’s COVID-19 vaccination rate so low?

Experts said a mistrust of doctors, a lack of access to vaccination sites and online conspiracy theories were contributing factors.

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COVID-19 delta variant FAQ

We answer all your questions, from should I keep wearing a mask if I’m vaccinated to why are vaccinated people contracting the coronavirus?

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COVID-19 ‘long-haulers’ join the ranks of disabled Americans

On the anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a new wave of people with disabilities are adjusting to their new normals.

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COVID-19 delta variant looms as NY reopens

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has heralded this season as the “Summer of New York City,” in which the five boroughs will come roaring back from their pandemic-induced slumber, but the highly contagious new delta variant of COVID-19 threatens the mayor’s vision for the city.

New York City

NYC launches website to highlight social equity outcomes

New data shows the city’s race and gender gaps on health, economic and educational indicators.

New York City

Black churches give back

A short history of faith-led community outreach projects in NYC.

New York City

The Black clergy takes on the virus

How leaders of faith are banding together to spread the word on COVID-19 safety and the vaccine.

New York State

Ideas for a new New York

Experts, advocates and lawmakers on the ambitious policies that could remake New York after the pandemic.