New York State

‘It’s a marathon.’ Chris Smalls talks Amazon union gameplan after setbacks

Outside a billionaire studded conference, Smalls called for political support for his union. Eric Adams wasn’t there to get the message.


New York City’s forgotten labor stronghold

Staten Island is the city’s most unionized borough – and the home of many labor leaders.

New York State

Amazon Labor Union loses election at Albany warehouse

Workers at the Castleton-on-Hudson Amazon facility voted 2-1 against unionizing with the upstart Amazon Labor Union.

New York City

Union organizers gear up for negotiations with New York City Council leadership

After an initial meeting in May, the Association of Legislative Employees wants higher pay and overtime compensation.

Power List

The 2022 NYC Labor Power 100

The leaders behind a revitalized labor movement in the city.


Buffalo Starbucks workers say the company illegally fired them. Will a conservative federal judge agree?

A pending labor case in Western New York could tip the scales for the Starbucks union after a recent victory in Tennessee.


NYC rolls out 20% pay jump for lifeguards in wake of dire shortages

Amid a national lifeguard shortage, city officials have agreed to increase wages and expedite training for lifeguards in order to staff public pools and beaches.

News & Politics

Injury rates surge at Amazon’s New York facilities

Amazon warehouses nationwide saw a spike in injuries in 2021, but the increase is even more stark in New York.

News & Politics

Exclusive: Chipotle workers file for HERO Act safety committees

A worker and union leaders allege the first attempt to invoke the law went ignored.

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New York construction industry ‘flaggers’ allege rampant wage theft

Black and Latino nonunion flaggers on public construction projects report being paid just a third of wages they’re legally entitled to.

News & Politics

Amazon Labor Union loses election at a smaller Staten Island warehouse

Workers at the LDJ5 facility rejected joining the union after it led the first successful effort to unionize an Amazon warehouse last month.

Interviews & Profiles

Chris Smalls wants to see the Amazon Labor Union go national

The founder of the history-making union discusses the advantages of grassroots organizing and upcoming fights with the behemoth company.

New York State

New York’s new unionization movement

Starbucks, newsrooms and farms are some of the places where organizing is beginning to take hold.

Ask the Experts

Is this the year for gig workers in Albany?

We asked experts whether state lawmakers could expand the rights of ride-hailing and delivery drivers after falling short last year.


Staten Island Amazon workers to cast union vote in March

The company has resumed its controversial ‘captive audience’ meetings and what workers described as ‘anti-union behavior.’


Tension builds within the UFT over reducing class sizes

A new coalition within the union dubbed United for Change won a vote to force a referendum on the issue, signaling a growing divide.