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Energy & Environment

Will Kathy Hochul support a carbon tax?

Getting behind an effort that fell short last session could change the climate game in New York.

Energy & Environment

How New York can prepare for flooding

A summer of extreme weather continued this week, as Hurricane Ida blew through the state, leading to at least 9 deaths in New York City.


How extreme heat is driving a call for policy changes in New York

It’s time to revise the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program to provide a greater safety net for residents, especially low-income people of color, with little or no access to air conditioning.

New York State

The Life Sciences Power 50

The scientists, entrepreneurs and investors driving New York’s biotech boom.

Energy & Environment

New York has a long road ahead to meet its climate goals

A new report from NYPIRG lays out where the state is now, and what still needs to happen to hit its climate benchmarks.

Energy & Environment

Legislative progress on climate change divides political left

Groups like the New York City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America say Albany Democrats are not doing enough to promote renewable energy.

Energy & Environment

Inside the chemical lobby’s unusual campaign to protect the fire retardant business

Lobbyists planted stories in local media outlets with quotes from a tenant organizer who never spoke to them.

Energy & Environment

New York carbon tax proposal fizzles

The Assembly sponsor of the Climate and Community Investment Act says another year or so is needed to rally support.

New York City

How NYC can protect residents from extreme heat

Air conditioning is a lifeline, and it’s expensive. There are policies that can help.

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Energy & Environment

Achieving New York’s climate goals will be massively challenging

From retrofitting buildings to finding land for renewable energy projects, the state is in for a few decades of really hard work.

Energy & Environment

Dust to dust

A bill would legalize “natural organic reduction” of human bodies.

Energy & Environment

Climate bill would tax carbon in New York

New legislation aims to raise billions of dollars to fund a “just transition” away from fossil fuels.

Interviews & Profiles

Pat Ryan’s got his own Green New Deal

The Ulster County executive discusses how “locality” is the differentiator in his plan for the environment and how local governments can confront climate change.

Energy & Environment

Mayoral hopefuls tout their green thumbs

The crowded field of candidates in New York City’s upcoming June primary discussed their plans for the environment in a new Earth Day video.

New York State

Gas plant in Newburgh tests limits of NY’s landmark climate law

Can the state meet its ambitious green energy goals if it permits an increased burning of fracked gas?


PATH and NYC’s subway air is unsurprisingly toxic

A new study has found that the city’s underground subway air quality is full of hazardous air particles that could cause asthma, lung cancer and heart disease.