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New York’s favorite new industry has a climate problem

Micron, the chip manufacturer pouring $100 billion into Central New York, has committed to net-zero emissions by 2050, but details are thin on how the plant doing extremely energy intensive work will get there.

New York State

Hochul’s NYPA nominee gave to Republicans and opposes the Build Public Renewables Act

Climate activists and progressive lawmakers are trying to rally opposition before the state Senate votes.


Some lawmakers are trying to pause bitcoin mining in New York. They’re facing an uphill battle.

Energy-sucking bitcoin operations are taking over old polluting power plants and siphoning off hydropower from the public.

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How do you plant more trees in New York City? Give them away

In Canarsie, tree saplings were available for residents to grab and go plant in their own backyard ahead of Earth Day.

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Making a case for how New York can reach its climate goals

As state Climate Action Council hearings solicit public input statewide, National Grid New York President Rudy Wynter discusses a new report where the company details ways the state can reach its ambitious climate goals.

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New York’s power companies want to expand the meaning of ‘zero emissions’

The power industry is pushing a pair of proposals to state legislators and regulators that have attracted little notice, but could shift the course of the state's climate action.

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Can Bitcoin mining become a campaign issue?

Jumaane Williams is calling on Gov. Kathy Hochul to put a stop to proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining.

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Public power supporters amping up the pressure on Kathy Hochul

Some environmentalists and state lawmakers say her climate proposals are not good enough considering looming dangers.

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Smokestacks loom over New York’s clean energy plan

New York will have to shut down dozens of fossil fuel power plants to meet its climate goals. Observers worry it’s not on track.

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Hydrogen: Climate change friend or foe?

New York is looking into how it can harness the energy of the most plentiful element in the universe while sticking to its climate goals.

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East River Park construction can continue, high court rules

The Thursday rulings by the New York Court of Appeals put an end to a long-fought war between New York City and activists who are against the project.

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Governors Island opens for winter and preps to lead NYC’s climate goals

Clare Newman, president and CEO of the Governors Island Trust, discusses the island’s new year-round schedule and how it plans to do climate-focused research and education in an interview with City & State.


Lawmakers to Hochul: Expand public renewable power

Over 50 state legislators sent a letter to the governor asking she include legislation to expand NYPA’s operations in her budget.

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Hochul vetoed a bill to create an office advocating for utility consumers

Gov. Kathy Hochul argues the office would be redundant because the state already protects utility consumers, but consumer advocates say otherwise.

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Will New York Democrats push a progressive climate agenda this session?

The state needs to wean itself off fossil fuels, but lawmakers disagree about how – and how quickly – to do that.