Eric Adams

Eric Adams

Adams rings public safety alarm bells, but says city is not “out of control”

The killings of an NYPD officer and an individual on the subway tracks on Monday pointed to a trio of public safety issues for the city, according to the mayor.

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: Perception is NYC’s greatest challenge – and it’s Eric Adams’ too

The mayor, who said he knows New Yorkers aren’t happy after going through COVID-19 and the migrant influx, doubles down on promoting his agenda.

Eric Adams

‘This did not happen:’ Adams denies 1993 sexual assault accusation

The mayor and his administration confirmed on Tuesday that he will be represented by the city in the sexual assault case against him.


As budget season gets underway, council presses administration for collaboration

City Comptroller Brad Lander accused the mayor of announcing deep budget cuts so that he could later magnanimously reverse them.

New York City Council

The NYC Council is suing Eric Adams. Here’s what you need to know.

The City Council’s lawsuit against the mayor makes an aggressive argument for the separation of powers.

Eric Adams

The Turkey probe is not the first investigation to touch Eric Adams

The mayor has had a long political career, and with it, many run-ins with watchdogs.

Eric Adams

Eric Adams’ visibility may not mean greater transparency

New York City government has in fact gone backward in several areas, including with law enforcement.


New York City’s budget outlook is great/terrible depending which watchdog you ask.

Differences between budget projections point to the complexity of the massive spending plan.

Albany Agenda

Eric Adams asks for state to cover at least half of migrant costs

The New York City mayor testified before state lawmakers at Albany’s annual “Tin Cup Day.”

Albany Agenda

It’s ‘Tin Cup Day,’ and Eric Adams has a wishlist

The New York City mayor wants continued mayoral control of schools and a deal to spur housing development.

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Staff shortages slow, hinder work at some city agencies

Amid an ongoing hiring freeze, a report card on city agency performance released this week shows that some agencies still don’t have the staff they need.

Eric Adams

Report: New Yorkers are waiting longer for cash assistance

The mayor’s preliminary progress update for the year showed dismal wait times for cash assistance and continued sluggishness for food assistance.

Criminal Justice

City Council overrides mayor’s vetoes on two law enforcement bills

Projecting a united front, the council defied a public relations campaign by the mayor to cast both bills as endangering public safety.

Health Care

Social media declared a ‘public health hazard,’ as efforts to rein it in ramp up

New York City Mayor Eric Adams made the announcement last week, while Florida lawmakers advanced a bill banning accounts for anyone under 16 years of age.

Eric Adams

5 takeaways from Eric Adams’ State of the City

During his third State of the City speech, the New York City mayor said the city is ‘back from the brink,’ striking a hopeful tone about a drop in crime and job growth despite the ongoing migrant crisis.

New York City Council

Adrienne Adams, faith leaders rally for How Many Stops Act

Speaker Adrienne Adams said she has no doubt that the council has the votes to override the mayor’s veto of the legislation.

Heard Around Town

Chair-gate: Eric Adams' veto fight gets petty

The mayor is maintaining control in City Hall, one plastic chair at a time.