Eric Adams

Eric Adams

Hochul pledges $1 billion to city for migrants

Mayor Eric Adams has been asking for support, but it isn’t clear exactly what New York City will get, especially when it comes to federal funding.

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Eric Adams’ approval rating is underwater with New Yorkers

Most city voters agree there’s a migrant crisis, but there’s widespread disapproval of how he’s handling it.

Eric Adams

5 takeaways from Eric Adams’ State of the City

The New York City mayor laid out his “Working People’s Agenda” for 2023 at a theater in Queens on Thursday.

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Internet access for some of New York's neediest residents to be announced in Eric Adams' state of the city

Among the efforts planned for this year is a broadband pilot program for Section 8 households in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan, New York City's mayor told City & State.

Ask the Experts

Will Eric Adams’ mandate to involuntarily hospitalize mentally ill persons work?

Mental health professionals offered mixed reviews on the mandate which already has caused a backlash with advocates for persons suffering from mental illness.

New York City

With a new austerity measure, Mayor Eric Adams asks agencies to cut budgets by 3%

Looking ahead to budget gaps and a weaker economy, City Hall asks, again, for belt-tightening – but no layoffs.

Eric Adams

Who can actually get a gun in New York City?

The New York City Police Department will be forced to change their strict gun permitting standards to adhere to the U.S. Supreme Court’s determination that the state’s rules for concealed carry licenses are unconstitutional.

Eric Adams

New York’s Black leaders on Eric Adams’ first five months

We solicited takes on the mayor who tops our Power of Diversity: Black 100 list.

Eric Adams

Eric Adams’ first 100 days

Public safety and homelessness were among the key issues Adams focused on in his first three months in office.

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New York City

The positions Eric Adams hasn’t filled yet

The New York City mayor has been busy making appointments, but he’s still got a long way to go.

New York City

What was behind Eric Adams’ first veto?

How the mayor took stiffer fines for violating zoning regulations on joint-living-work-quarters for artists off the table


The Eric Adams after-party

What do you do when you’ve basically won the race for New York City mayor, but inauguration is six months away? Get your ear pierced at Claire’s.

Eric Adams

Waiting years to be mayor, Eric Adams will have to wait a little longer

The Brooklyn borough president lead in first-place votes, but not enough to declare victory.