Eric Adams

Eric Adams

Eric Adams does not veto bill expanding City Council authority

The legislation will go before voters – unless the Charter Revision Commission acts to stop it.


What to watch in the NYC budget fight

“We’ve still got six days to go. In budget negotiations, that’s a lifetime.”

Eric Adams

People who would’ve been on Eric Adams’ haters list

Even though City Hall said it didn’t have the list, we have a few ideas of who likely would’ve made the cut.

Heard Around Town

Adams’ claim to keep ‘list in my office’ of critics unfounded

A City & State intern’s request, under the Freedom of Information Law, for the names on Adams’ supposed list turned up empty.

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Eric Adams not interested in ‘cheap shots’ at Andrew Cuomo

Asked about his “possible primary opponent” and his testimony in Washington, the mayor demurred.


Behind the Adams administration’s Albany housing strategy

After mixed results in previous sessions, the mayor came away with everything he wanted for housing in the latest state budget. Here’s how they got their act together.

Eric Adams

Eric Adams on City Council tensions: ‘We know we still need to resolve this city’

The mayor alluded to events within his own family to smooth over recent disagreements.

Eric Adams

Some of the most contentious fights between Eric Adams and Adrienne Adams

While the New York City mayor and City Council speaker started off on good terms, the relationship has grown more fractured of late.

New York City Council

Speaker Adams and Mayor Adams clash over City Council oversight of City Hall

The Council speaker is advancing legislation to give the council veto power over some mayoral appointments, but the mayor's newly-announced Charter Revision Commission could delay that.

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Eric Adams

Eric Adams objects to scrutiny from the ‘word police’

They’ve kept an eye on everything the mayor has said during his two years in office.


City Council, Adams admin spar over early childhood education cuts

The program is more popular than ever – and it’s facing a $170 million budget reduction.

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Adams’ message to challengers: ‘Don’t worry about me’

The mayor defended his record against criticism from primary opponent state Sen. Zellnor Myrie.

Albany Agenda

Zellnor Myrie may run for mayor on legislative record

The state senator has focused on criminal justice and election reforms in Albany.


David Paterson: The case for Randy Mastro

The former governor calls Mastro, Eric Adams’ pick for corporation counsel, “a pro who rises above party lines.”

Albany Agenda

This was finally Eric Adams’ year in Albany

Gov. Kathy Hochul helped deliver key wins for her partner in New York City.


NYC commits $500 million for at-risk education programs

The funding will cover half the $1 billion hole left by expiring federal aid.