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Lawmakers hold rally in support of Adams response to asylum-seekers

The elected officials pushed back on critiques that the mayor is anti-immigrant.


20,000 city jobs would stay vacant under Adams’ hiring freeze

Facing mounting asylum-seeker costs on top of other budget shortfalls, the mayor plans to use the tool for the first time.


Commentary: Apocalyptic Eric

Why does the mayor of New York City insist that New York City is doomed?

Editor's Note

Editor’s Note: Name-calling over the asylum-seeker crisis is the real ‘buffoonery’

This is no time for New York City Mayor Eric Adams and his former mayoral challenger Curtis Sliwa to get personal over the influx of migrants.

Eric Adams

Eric Adams’ messaging strategy gets a new general

The mayor appointed City Hall press secretary Fabien Levy to the new role of deputy mayor for communications.

Eric Adams

‘That is how you run a city’: Eric Adams shares tips for tackling crime, homelessness and hostile media

Adams, as one of the mayors of the country’s four largest cities, all of whom are Black, Adams highlighted their management approaches at a gathering of the National Urban League.

Eric Adams

Eric Adams wants to speak to you ‘directly’

He’s launched his own radio show, a newsletter, a podcast, a journalism scholarship and a town hall series. The mayor is fed up with the mainstream press.


Adams limits shelter stays for single adult asylum-seekers to 60 days

The mayor announced the move to ensure enough space for incoming families, including asylum-seekers


The City Council shot down Eric Adams’ veto on housing vouchers. Now what?

For the first time since the Bloomberg years, the council voted to override a mayoral veto. Council members said a package of bills expanding access to housing vouchers is a crucial step in addressing the housing crisis.


Eric Adams touts homelessness progress as veto battle brews with the City Council

The mayor said his action to expand rental assistance has helped hundreds of families. Meanwhile, the City Council prepares for a veto override to expand assistance further.

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Heard Around Town

Eric Adams continues the Brad Lander digs at budget presser

The New York City mayor couldn’t help but go off script to shade the city comptroller for not going to Washington.


The fiscal year 2024 New York City budget, by the numbers

The $107 billion budget deal is the largest in city history, but features spending cuts.


Mayor, City Council head for likely veto showdown over expanding housing vouchers

Mayor Eric Adams vetoed a package of bills expanding access to housing vouchers, but the City Council is prepared to vote to override the veto.


Adams mocks Lander as ‘loudest person in the city’

The comptroller should be advocating for federal asylum-seeker funding, the mayor said in an outburst at an unrelated press conference, in comments that felt more personal than political.


Why does Eric Adams oppose legislation that could free up shelter space?

City Hall said that council legislation to expand eligibility for housing vouchers would cost billions and make it more difficult for those most in need to access them.

Eric Adams

Poll: City voters like the mayor – but women are open to an alternative

A new Slingshot Strategies survey finds New York City likes its Democrats.

New York City Council

With new bill, NYC Council 'weeks away' from passing permanent outdoor dining

The program would allow year-round sidewalk dining but only allow dining structures in the road for part of the year.