Commentary: How a progressive majority on the NYC Board of Correction had the upper hand over City Hall

Two new members of the panel Tuesday tipped the balance of power in favor of more progressive reforms for the first time in nine years.

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Editor’s Note: Friends of the MTA are a welcome support for New York’s subways

The volunteer program will prove rewarding for its volunteers and the stations they support.


Opinion: Adams replaces school funding with gaffes and prayer

As the mayor’s talking points validate the instincts of a large, and likely growing, supermajority, progressives need to start planning a credible challenge to defeat him in 2025.

Health Care

Opinion: Medicaid prescription changes threaten patients and safety net providers

The federal 340B drug pricing program that serves low-income and underserved patients is about to be stripped of funding which may reduce STD and COVID-19 treatment services in New York.

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Editor’s note: Hochul should fund moving Madison Square Garden

The governor, who gave a big subsidy for her hometown Buffalo Bills, can do the same for the city’s famed arena.


Opinion: Hochul’s budget can’t afford to ignore homeowner protection from deed theft

With the threat of deed theft displacing Black and brown homeowners, $40 million is vital to include in the state budget to create a stronger line of defense.

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Opinion: Hochul says a recession is coming. That’s why we must tax the rich.

Raising taxes to fund public goods would help reduce the impacts of an economic recession.

New York City Council

Opinion: the straight shot on facial recognition at MSG

James Dolan won’t be blocked from City Hall for a City Council hearing.


Opinion: Increasing CUNY and SUNY tuition is a working and middle-class tax increase in disguise

It’s time for the state to reinvest in both institutions and follow through on Gov. Kathy Hochul’s vision for higher education.


Commentary: Chaos didn’t follow Supreme Court overturning New York gun law

The bleakest predictions did not materialize because the state focused on filling the regulatory void.


Opinion: We need to end the foster system to prison pipeline

Closing Rikers Island so we can reinvest in our communities and our youth is a first step.