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Editor’s Note: Upper Manhattan and the Bronx are now a ‘cinema desert’

The closure of the Concourse Plaza Multiplex Cinemas delivers a blow to the communal film experience in one of the leading movie markets of the world.


Opinion: Paving the way to protecting workers

A look back at how New York has supported its ever-changing workforce.

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Editor’s note: Show nonprofits the money

A cost of living adjustment increase from the Adams administration is welcome relief for these organizations, but it’s not enough when millions are still owed because of the city’s procurement backlog.


Opinion: ‘Even’ out our elections to increase voter turnout

To increase voter turnout, New York City should hold its local elections on the same years as state and federal elections.

New York City

Commentary: New York City’s procurement system is not beyond fixing

ContractStat is a new tool to highlight problems like late payments and unregistered contracts.


Opinion: We need legislative reform to address our trash problem

We can only fix our trash problem by cutting down on the amount of waste we produce, which will require legislation like the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Infrastructure Act.


Opinion: Where is the vision from New York’s leaders?

Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul should pursue transformative policies like free universal child care, a Social Housing Development Authority and tuition-free public education at CUNY and SUNY schools.


Opinion: Serial speeders are killing New Yorkers. It’s time to slow them down.

A proposed bill would require “speed limiter” devices to be installed on serial speeders’ vehicles, stopping them from going more than 5 mph over the speed limit.

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Opinion: Clearing the air on Randy Mastro

Here’s why one the city’s most experienced litigators should be its next corporation counsel


Opinion: How I became my father on Israel

Suddenly, I put my hand up to touch my face. It was deep red. I had become my father.


Opinion: New York’s complex court bureaucracy shields judges from accountability

Judges are less accountable to the public than to court administrators who arbitrarily shuffle them around to different courts and issue secret memos to guide their interpretation of the law.


Opinion: Common sense never goes out of style

Political trends come and go, but pragmatic, results-oriented governing remains key.

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Editor’s note: The MTA is ready to make a deal on vacant retail space

The transit agency is negotiating with entrepreneurs to bring businesses back to the subways.


David Paterson: The case for Randy Mastro

The former governor calls Mastro, Eric Adams’ pick for corporation counsel, “a pro who rises above party lines.”

News & Politics

Opinion: We visited the solidarity encampment at Columbia University. Here’s what it’s really like.

What we saw couldn’t be more different from the dire warnings of rampant antisemitic threats and pervasive danger coming from City Hall, Albany and the White House.

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Editor’s Note: 4/20 isn’t just for smoking this year

Tokers, already outside, can enjoy 53 car-free streets as part of the New York City Department of Transportation’s early celebration of Earth Day.