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Bob Holden hopes his chief of staff will decide to run for his Queens seat

The conservative Democrat and founder of the Common Sense Caucus has occupied a unique role on the City Council.

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Susan Zhuang cop-biting incident highlights deep divides among southern Brooklyn Democrats

The council member was welcomed to a packed press conference like a hero on Thursday – but many of her colleagues have gleefully mocked her.

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Diana Ayala has a possible successor in mind: her chief of staff

The 2025 race is already on in the East Harlem and South Bronx City Council district.

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Hochul again puts up impressive fundraising numbers

No one has announced a challenge to the incumbent governor, but anyone thinking about it has a long way to go in terms of the money game

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DSA Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani is considering a run for NYC mayor

Sources say the socialist state legislator from Queens is testing the waters.

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Albany Agenda

Hochul denounces political violence after Trump assassination attempt

The governor called the shooting “disgusting” but did not back off her political criticisms of the former president.

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Adams and Sharpton denounce gun violence and political extremism after attempted Trump assassination

The mayor and civil rights leader joined others to say New York doesn't support violence against the former president.

Kathy Hochul

What does 2026 hold for Kathy Hochul?

Most governors win their second election if they choose to run. With some potential challengers already waiting in the wings, Hochul says she’s prepping.