Campaigns & Elections

The Democrats who want to take on Stefanik

A former speed skater is the latest candidate to jump in the race against the rising MAGA star.

Campaigns & Elections

Big outside spending didn’t always buy success in NYC’s June primaries

Eric Adams may have gotten a lot of help from super PACs, but Kathryn Garcia was propelled by newspaper endorsements.

News & Politics

Why Cuomo and Adams need each other

The governor and the probable next mayor of New York City seem interested in maintaining an alliance. We’ll see how long it will last.

This Week's Headline

Adams makes the rounds and COVID-19 numbers inch up

Rounding up the week’s political news.

Campaign Confidential

Which endorsements really mattered?

And more coverage of key 2021 races


NYC Council approves $4 million for AAPI organizations

The funds are aimed toward a diverse group of New Yorkers facing poverty and barriers to accessing services.

Campaign Confidential

The game-changing endorsements of the primaries

These supporters weren’t just a name on a list.

Campaigns & Elections

A historic 6 Asian American candidates win in City Council primaries

The nominees may bring New York City Council closer than ever to proportionate demographic representation.

Campaigns & Elections

New York City’s most surprising primary results

The unexpected winners, from Brad Lander to Vito Fossella.

Excelsior Newsletter

What do NYC district attorneys do?

The city’s top prosecutors.

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What happened to to-go alcohol and how it could come back

Bills to extend the pandemic accommodation haven’t passed.

Campaigns & Elections

Eric Adams declared winner in New York City mayoral race

Kathryn Garcia failed to catch up in the ranked-choice tallies.

New York State

Rochester’s newly united legislative delegation

Five new members of the state Senate and Assembly have passed bills in Albany while avoiding the divisions of local politics.


Can NYC’s summer school program help make up for a pandemic year?

High demand and a rushed rollout have left some teachers and organizations feeling unprepared for an influx of kids to summer programming.