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A look at how cryptocurrency benefits New York

John Olsen, New York state’s lead for the Blockchain Association, said it’s time to talk to policymakers about the “breadth and diversity of the industry, as opposed to just talking about bitcoin or bitcoin mining.”

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Putting a pause on crypto in New York

Assembly Member Anna Kelles wants to study the industry during this break.

Interviews & Profiles

Is there still reason to hope that crypto can benefit New York?

In a Q&A, Assembly Member Clyde Vanel remains optimistic because the strong companies will survive this downturn.

Interviews & Profiles

Amy Paulin has big shoes to fill leading the Assembly Health Committee

In a Q&A, the newly elected chair said she has former Assembly Member Richard Gottfried on speed dial.

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Brian Cunningham wants to talk to the policy critics too

After getting elected to his first full term, the Crown Heights Assembly member talked recidivism, mental health and maternal health.

Interviews & Profiles

Looking back at Giuliani’s rise and fall

Ken Frydman, the former New York City mayor’s 1993 campaign press secretary and consultant on a new CNN documentary series about Giuliani, discusses what happened to "America’s Mayor."

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Political Personalities with Skye

Looking for love and politics? Try City & Date

Here’s how eligible singles can be considered for inclusion in this feature, just in time for Valentine’s Day.


2022 in a nutshell: Our top 10 articles of the year

As we leave 2022 behind, let’s not forget to remember the year’s top headlines.

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George Santos admits to lying about his resume in a series of interviews

There are still a handful of unanswered questions about the GOP Congress Member-Elect.