Winners & Losers, by the numbers

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Winners & Losers, by the numbers

Winners & Losers, by the numbers
December 18, 2017

Every Friday, we pick the week’s five biggest winners and five biggest losers in the New York political world – and then we let our readers decide who’s the best of the best and the worst of the worst in our highly unscientific online poll. Here are some highlights from the past year.

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The Big Two

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio

Total Appearances: 14
On the Winner's list: 6
Top Winner: 1
On the Loser's list: 8
Top Loser: 5

Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Total Appearances: 11
On the Winner's list: 7
Top Winner: 2
On the Loser's list: 4
Top Loser: 2

Plus: De Blasio and Cuomo may not like to share, but they did share one thing – the title of the week’s biggest loser, when they appeared on the ballot together after they failed to show up after an A train derailment in June.

Most Consistent Loser

Steve McLaughlinSteve McLaughlin

He may not have appeared on the losers list the most number of times, but all three times he did, the people voted him the week’s biggest loser.




Winners’ Biggest Losers

Srini Penumalla & Jason Wilcox

These two – a New Jersey technology executive and a Bronx police official – made it on to the winners list only to receive exactly zero votes.

Losers’ Biggest Winners

John Porcari, Naquan Hill & Geoffrey Szymanski

While deemed a loser of the week by City & State, our readers seemed to think otherwise, casting no votes for them. 

Too Close to Call

Andrea Stewart-Cousins vs. Melissa DeRosa

In the only tie of the year, the state Senate Democratic leader and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide both received 26.4 percent of the vote for a shared win in June. 

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The Zoo

Who says winners and losers have to be humans?



Shankar / Jimmy K. – This lucky bull escaped a Brooklyn slaughterhouse and led police on a wild bull chase for a little while. After being caught, he was sent to an animal sanctuary in New Jersey and renamed, thus avoiding his original fate: death and eventual consumption.

Staten Island Chuck – The lucky groundhog avoided the manhandling of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio after hizzoner dropped Chuck in 2014. The trauma was not to be repeated as de Blasio skipped the annual ceremony for the second year in a row.


Peanut – Nicole Malliotakis’ pet chihuahua acted as a press conference prop for the Republican New York City mayoral candidate, but one fateful appearance didn’t go so well. The dog tripped up Malliotakis, causing her to fracture her foot and continue the campaign in a boot.

G. Steven Pigeon – While not an actual animal, he gets a mention for sharing a name with one. He’s a loser for the multiple charges of actual felony corruption.

Worst Mascot

Mr. MetMr. Met

The baseball-headed mascot found his way on to one week’s losers list when he flipped off a fan. But the recognizable sports mascot gets to spend his days with Mrs. Met, so he’s still doing pretty well overall, despite the Mets missing the playoffs this year.

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