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NY1's Zack Fink on Cuomo's quandaries

The new secretary to the governor, Melissa DeRosa could be the second-most powerful person in the state, but her father is also a powerful Albany lobbyist. NY1 statehouse reporter Zack Fink's job is to ask our state leaders uncomfortable questions, but when he asked Gov. Andrew Cuomo about DeRosa's perceived conflicts of interest, the Gov didn't take too kindly to it.

Fink called into the Slant podcast from Albany on Monday, April 24 and explained why he thinks it’s an important issue.

“The original question that I wanted to get to the governor in that exchange was, ‘what are you doing to assure the 19 million people in this state who already believe that there’s a bit of a revolving door between people who have money and who have access to government and those who work in government?’” Fink said. “(That) they’re not getting an unfair advantage in getting their issues heard, as opposed to people who don’t have that kind of money.”

Fink was on the front lines of the budget tug-of-war in the capitol this year. He also talked on the podcast about the “anger” he saw there and the political gamesmanship of Cuomo’s “free college” plan.

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