Podcast: All Polls Day

A popular symptom for political junkies during this fever dream of a national election is to obsess over polling data. Following every October surprise news story, the trickle of surverys act as instant electoral barometers, spun to satisfy which ever narrative is conducive to the elusive "momentum." So at a stage when the numbers become increasingly accurate as we inch closer to Election Day, it's helpful to lean on a couple of experts to parse the presidential polling data with an objective eye. 

Dr. Lee Miringoff of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and Dr. Don Levy of the Siena Research Institute join this week's Slant Podcast to discuss what effects this highly polarized race is having on voter opinion. Miringoff and Levy explain what the remaining "undecided" voters are looking for in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at this juncture, whether the uniqueness of this election will lead to what some experts call a "systemic polling error," and the possibility of "split-ticket" voting affecting down-ballot races. 

Stay with us after the discussion with Dr. Miringoff and Dr. Levy for a brief interview with two Marist students involved in conducting phone surveys for the polling institute and analyzing the data. 


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