The IDC isn't making it easier for Flanagan, and Milliken is safe ... for now

Republican bochincheros are telling B&B that there is growing restlessness with state Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan’s continued relationship with the Independent Democratic Conference. “Seeing (IDC Leader Jeffrey) Klein’s recent presser with labor leaders really pissed them off.” While acknowledging that the Republican conference in the state Senate has benefited from the power-sharing arrangement, “it’s time to start letting loose.” One bochinchero did concede that the only real ally that they have across the aisle is Simcha Felder. “Most of the time we know what Simcha wants and he knows what we need.” They don’t trust Klein or the IDC and Republican dissenters say, “Flanagan has to start cutting ties.” And if he doesn’t? A few of the bochincheros that we spoke to separately think that Flanagan’s days as leader are numbered. Sounds like a wolf ticket to me.

Milliken safe … for now

“I wouldn’t make any long-term plans for a future in New York,” is what a top bochinchero told B&B in a breakfast after we reported in our April 8 issue that a search was on for CUNY Chancellor James Milliken’s replacement. Out of eight CUNY insiders who reacted to the buzz about Milliken’s potential ouster, only this bochinchero said, “There is no active search for a new chancellor.” The bochinchero understood why there were rumors about Milliken’s job security. However, Milliken’s cancer treatment – he announced on March 31 that he had recently been diagnosed with throat cancer – has been taken into account. So, the CUNY chancellor’s trabajo is secure for now.

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Moya vs. Peralta?

The latest buzz in Queens is that Assemblyman Francisco Moya is preparing – and being encouraged – to challenge state Sen. José Peralta in a primary next year. According to a well-versed Queens bochinchero, the Democratic county organization is so “freaking pissed off at Peralta’s IDC move” that they’ve talked with Moya to go after the “treacherous Peralta.” Hmm, Moya was supposed to challenge Julissa Ferreras-Copeland for her New York City Council seat, but that didn’t go beyond the bochinche stage. “They’re counting on Hiram (Monserrate) to make Julissa lose sleep.” And that may be good enough for county insiders who don’t trust or like Ferreras-Copeland, the City Council’s Finance Committee chairwoman, and hate Monserrate. “Let them beat each other up,” is what one bochinchero tells me they’re praying for.

Sepúlveda eyeing Rubén Díaz’s seat

Assemblyman Luis Sepúlveda has been heard belting out the chorus line from the ’70s hit “Quitate tu, pa’ ponerme yo” (Take yourself out, so I can step in), by the Fania All Stars featured in the 1972 film “Our Latin Thing.” A bochinchero from the Bronx told us, “Sepúlveda is set to go as soon as the Rev. (Rubén Díaz Sr.) wins the council race.” Díaz is running for the 18th City Council District seat currently held by Annabel Palma, who is term-limited. The bochinchero says that Sepúlveda doesn’t yet have a deal with Díaz. “He’s endorsed the senator and is expecting him to reciprocate.” Hmm, I hope Sepúlveda doesn't sit on ice waiting for that to happen. Given the tangled web in Bronx County, he could wind up with a wet culo (ass).

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